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Hydra Squadron *Weekly* NL

By LCM Trev Firestorm
Unit: Retribution Fleet
Squadron NL, Mar 18, 2003
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Hydra Squadron *Weekly* NL 03-11-03
"Hydra, hi'dra,  n. a water-monster with many heads, which when cut off were succeeded by others (myth). Difficult to root out, springing up vigorously again and again"

Roster Changes

Welcome Col. Carilla Shay to the squadron

Mission Status and Turnout

Well so far we're on a rise, got my report and Cthulhu's
We're leading the scoreboard, now we should dominate it, lets get some more reports in, I'm going to be reflying it some point soon to improve

R2F 709- "Trap of Destruction"

The fleet seems to have hit the bottom, the only option we have left is up, lets make that happen! And besides, imagine the Impies faces when they see what we're bringing against them this time ;-D

Mission file can be downloaded at
Mission Reports and Pilot files are due no later then Friday April 4, 2003 at 11:59 PM EST to
Laser Cap: None


None at this time, though it could always change, i want to see reports atleast 3 days ahead of time, the sooner the better.
Hydra has recieved a warning however, if we don't pull our activity up we're gona get disbanded, we may be few but we gota be true to the Hydra spirit. "The land may be scorched, the sky torn, and the oceans ravaged, and yet out of the fury, the Hydra will be reborn..."

Info Seek

What is going on with the Hydra site, who's in charge of it right now? (I'm gona start hunting around somemore tomorrow but figured might as well leave it in >actually sticking to this one this time<)

Closing Notes

I'm working on a mission for a little intra-squad competition, no deadline, but my comp is being wierd right now so it may take me a while, gona have to build it at school and test it here (going into testing phase within the next few days on one of them,its going to look and be really hard, but the goals are low enough that it should be easy to atleast get a score recorded... well thats what testing's good for finding out atleast...).

I am going to try to do weekly NLs, it would be nice if people would talk over the egroup alittle too

When the mission is released we'd better get more that 2 reports!

Get more people to play, the more competition there is the more fun it is. And besides, you could even get a funny little medal for it... (just to make sure i don't look like a hypocrit I am pleased to inform you that I'm working on getting one person to play, he has tie and likes it but hasn't played in a long time so its taking a bit of convincing, got a couple other people who might be convinced into playing)


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