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RSCD NL 3/25/03

By VA Patrick Blastfire
Unit: Commando Division
Fleet NL, Mar 25, 2003
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RSCD NL 3/25/03
General News

Greetings, Commandos! There have been a few bits of goings-on lately that you
all should know about...some command changes and a new event, in particular.
So...on to the news!

New Appointments

With the somewhat recent stepping down of the RSCD XO, Isoldur "Dragon"
Cauthon, we had a hole in the fleet CS for a bit. The position has been filled, how-
ever, by Gen. Boid "Gambit" Reeves. Gambit's been here for a while, and he's a
genius as far as ideas for the fleet are concerned, so he more than deserves the
position. Welcome to the Fleet CS...again. :P

Command Vacancies

Since Gambit has stepped up, we now need to fill his spot as Knight CO, as well as
find two more people for the Knight XO and SO positions. Also, there are various
positions open on the squad command levels.

If you're interested in the Knight Company CS positions, send an email to Gambit
( and I ( If you want to step
up and take a command position in your squad, contact your Squad CO.

RSCD Melee Nights

Since we're lacking in competitions at the moment, we're going to start up the old
RSCD melee nights...with a twist. These are a good way to practice with RSers and
other players, since we're now holding them on the Zone (
This should give us a greater player base, and keep us on our toes by playing some
different people. Here's the information for the event:

When: Friday, 8PM EST.
Where: Zone, room: Use the Force
How: If you want to host, create a game called "RS Melee". 20 points or 10 minutes limit. Whatever Force/Saber settings you like.
If you want to join, simply join a room called "RS Melee".
(If non RS members enter the room, they are allowed to play. You can direct them to our website if they want to join up.)

Reporting: Until something more concrete is set up, which should be soon, send the
results of all matches to me at Include who played (along
with their PIN..if a non RSer plays, give their name but indicate that they aren't a
member), the total kills for each player, what level/Force/type of match it was(FFA,
TFFA, CTF, etc.), and who won.

Right now, this is a Jedi Outcast event. However, should enough Jedi Knight players
show interest, we'll run something for them as well.

Jedi Ranking System Elevations/News



Want to communicate with the rest of the RS and RSCD? Get on mIRC, go to an
Undernet server, then go to channel #RS_BAR_AND_GRILL. The RSCD channel
is #RSCD. IRC is a chat server that is the primary communications tool of the
RS, and almost every commando or pilot spends their downtime there between
missions. For more information on how to connect to these RS channels, please
visit Everyone is welcome, so stop by and
have some fun. Also, check out the main RS Message Board
( for the latest happenings in the RS and the


Well, that covers it for now...hope to see some of you on the Zone this Friday!

LGN Patrick Blastfire


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