Rebel Squadrons

New Retribution Fleet Commanding Officer

By FA Rahj Tharen
Unit: Retribution Fleet
Basic Announcement, Mar 26, 2003
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Members of High Command and the Retribution Fleet,

       With the recent vacancy of the Retribution Commanding Officer position, I have reviewed the initial applications for the unoccupied post. Even though there were multiple outstanding candidates, only one applicant was able to demonstrate their ability to revive units above all others, as well as exhibit the experience and ingenuity required to revive this fledgling Fleet. As a result, due to his past experience as a unit rebuilder, his extremely high activity levels, and an enthusiastic desire to contribute much more to the club and the Retribution Fleet, I have decided to appoint Colonel Licah Fox ( as the next Retribution Fleet Commanding Officer. As a result, Colonel Fox will now begin to direct and enact a number of changes he has in mind to help work towards this challenging resurgence goal.

       As a result, please join me in offering your full support to Colonel Fox and the Retribution Fleet Command Staff in pursuing this aim.

       May the Force be with you and may the pride and honor of the Rebel Squadrons carry on in all of you!

Respectfully submitted,

Admiral Rahj Tharen,
Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander


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