Rebel Squadrons

STC Newsletter, April 2003

By RA Harley Quinn
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Wing NL, Apr 02, 2003
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Greetings all, and welcome to another exciting STC newsletter.


Maj. Triani Sovak has been placed as Paladin Squad CO. May god have mercy on
your soul :P
2v2 competition on BSC has been cancelled due to lack of entries.


2lt Bo Wiseman to Paladin
LJG Marcus Varus to Eclipse


Congratulations to Xtremegene, Triani Sovak and Marcus Varus for turning out for
the RS in the March WoW. Marcus even played his games while still a cadet.
Merits will be awarded as soon as a new Operations Officer has been chosen.

Next WoW starts 11th of April. Sign up at BSC. Full details on signing up can be
found at:


STC Battlenights are now on Saturdays from 2pm-midnite (EST) in the undernet
channel #RSSTC


Although we do not yet have our own ITOD, we will now be playing monthly single
player missions using the missions and campaigns that come with GB.

The current GB ITOD is the "Princess Leia" campaign from the GB disc. It is to
be run in Galactic Battlegrounds, not Clone Campaigns.

This months mission is Mission 1: A Force From the Past.

Missions can be played on any difficulty, Easy, Medium or Hard
No Cheats to be used
No Cheats to be used
Reports are to be sent to LGN Harley Quinn at and
are to contain screenshots of the "You are victorious" screen and the "Military
Stats" result screen. Examples can be seen at
The "You are Victorious" screen must contain the time and difficulty level
displayed in the top left hand corner. (Obtained by pressing F11 during the
Due to the way GB calculates scores bonus points will be awarded as follows:

Easy difficulty: 0 bonus
Medium difficulty: 1000 bonus
Hard difficulty: 2000 bonus

Reports are due by the 30th of April.

Anyone who has knowledge of the GB mission editor and wishes to help make
missions for the STC can contact me at

As usual, the STC ladder competitions for GB, Rebellion, FoCom and Fleet Command
are ongoing. Get some games in and win shiny medals.

Wing website:

Feel free to contact me with any questions/queries/comments or suggestions you
may have, my door is always open.

LGN Harley "Jester" Quinn


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