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The IBG CO Situation

By FA Rahj Tharen
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Basic Announcement, Apr 07, 2003
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Members of High Command and the Intrepid Battle Group -

       Over the course of the past three weeks I have been watching the near non-activity of Rear Admiral Adam "Vender" Fene with great concern. I have repeatedly attempted to send multiple emails to him asking what exactly his situation may be, and I have also consulted the IBG Fleet Command Staff multiple times to find out if any of them had heard from him. In every instance, no contact was ever returned. Accordingly, I had in the meantime appointed Brigadier General Gabrich Varmer as the temporary Acting Intrepid Battle Group Commanding Officer to possibly allow Vender a chance to explain his situation because it has *never* been like him to just disappear like this and to also ensure that the smooth operations of the IBG continued unhindered.

       In the meantime, Vender made a single post on the IBG BBS ( that said, "I sent in my official resignation not long ago today, good luck to the next Commanding Officer and more importantly, the entire IBG." This, unfortunately, only added to the confusion of the situation because I, as Fleet Commander, have never received such a resignation notification and nor had anyone else to my knowledge. There are a few reports I have heard that indicate they may have seen such a resignation letter, but that remains to be inconclusive. Nontheless, I am sure that many of you are already aware of this situation due to other people's talk, reading the BBS, and having already noticed Vender's non-existentance.

       With that said, I think that after a month's wait it is certainly time to move on and make a permanent change. Having served as both Retribution Fleet Commanding Officer and IBG Commanding Officer, Vender's service to the Rebel Squadrons has been remarkable throughout his multiple years of service. He will not be forgotten. Accordingly, I hate to see him move on.

       Nonetheless, the IBG needs a permanent commander. As a result, I will begin to open the position to applications. In the meantime, Brigadier General Gabrich Varmer will continue to serve as Acting IBG Commanding Officer.

       Therefore, please email myself, Admiral Rahj Tharen (, and the RS Executive Officer, Lieutenant General Tyrell “Spokes” Borran (, with a formal application if you are interested in this post. Please be able to demonstrate how you meet the obvious requirements of leadership, experience, service, time, and dedication that a Fleet Commander must possess. Also demonstrate what you can bring to the position, why you are the best choice over all others, and any future projects you can present to benefit the RS and the Intrepid Battle Group.

       If you have any questions about this situation or the application process, please direct them to me.

Admiral Rahj Tharen,
Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander

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