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Jedi Praxeum Mini-NL (Lightsaber Forms)

By MGN Sea Messi
Unit: Alliegiance Battle Group
Wing NL, Apr 09, 2003
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First of all, I know that, yes, I did pass this proposal without the Council, but for good reason. First of all, disarm is possible WITHOUT Form II, but the Special for Form II has been changed anyway. I approved this because I felt it will be a help to the Jedi system. If you have ANY complaints, direct them to me and propose changes with the Council. Note I am NOT, I repeat, AM NOT revoking the Councils power, I just felt that stepping in to approve this was needed. Included in this mail are the Forms and rules for DISARM that are seperate from the Forms. Please take the time to read them and then mail me to tell me what you think of them.


The following Lightsaber Forms are chosen by Jedi, and determine their 'style' of combat, which affects the way they do battle.

Students will always learn Form I.

Once a Jedi has graduated to Apprentice, they may choose a Primary Lightsaber Form, and recieve the Bonus and Special Ability as stated.

At Journeyman, a Jedi may choose a Secondary Lightsaber form, but they only recieve the Special Ability for this form, NOT the Bonus.

Jedi who decide to switch Forms may do will recieve a PERMANANT -1 pip penalty to their Bonuses, for each time they switch. A small grace period with the new form will be given to the Jedi may make sure they wish to stick with the form. A Jedi may only switch a form once. If they switch that form again, that form automatically becomes Form VI.

Form I: Basic

This is learned by all Jedi Students. It includes basic attack and defensive stances.
This form must be learned, before any other form can be learned.

Bonus: -5 Difficulty for Lightsaber skill

Special Ability:

Self-Aware - Jedi is trained to not hurt themselves with Lightsaber. (Jedi who misses Lightsaber Difficulty and is in danger of being injured, may make another Lightsaber roll to avoid self-injury)

Form II:

One of the oldest forms, it is the perfected technique for lightsaber-to-lightsaber dueling.

Prerequisites: 3D Lightsaber, 3D Control

Bonus: +1D Lightsaber vs another Lightsaber. -1D to Lightsaber vs Ranged Attacks. Addl. +1D to Lightsaber when Countering another Lightsaber attack.

Special Ability:

Skilled Disarm - Once per round, a Jedi may make a single attempt to disarm their opponent. This must be done AFTER A) a successful deflection sequence by the Jedi attempting the Disarm, or B) At least one roll of the Jedi's attack sequence hits and beats the defenders roll by FIVE. This attempt recieves +1D bonus, but only if it has already suffered the normal multi-action penalties. If made after an attack sequence, the Jedi also gives up the Damage rolls for the entire sequence, in order to make this attempt.

Form III:

Purely Defensive in nature, Form III is very weak on attack, but nearly inpenetrable defensively. This form uses very simple, short movements.

Bonus: +1D Lightsaber when used as a Reaction Skill. -1D Lightsaber on attack

Special Ability:

Impenetrable Defense - A form of intense Concentration, a Form III user who chooses to invoke this ability gain an extra +2D to their Lightsaber Reaction skill roll, but they may NOT use any other skill that round (including reaction skills).

Form IV:

Having evolved from Form II, and relying heavily on the Force to enhance the Jedi, this form goes beyond what is normally physically possible. Form IV specializes both in pre-planned combination moves, and in making the most of Force Enhancements in combat. This form is considered second only to Form VII.

Prerequisites: 3D Lightsaber, 3D Control and 3D Alter

Bonus: +1D to Lightsaber on Attack. Addl. +1D to all Lightsaber rolls when Countering.

Special Ability:

Acrobatic Fighting - Form IV users gain +1D to Jedi Acrobatics while Lightsaber Combat is up. Multi-Action penalties do not apply to any use of Jedi Acrobatics that is used in combination with the Lightsaber skill. This Lightsaber skill roll recieves a +1D bonus if the Jedi Acrobatics attempt is successful. If it is not, the Lightsaber skill roll recieves a -1D penalty.

Form V:

Favoring brute force and power over finesse, this is considered a more aggressive form. Some even consider it Dark.

Bonus: +1D Lightsaber on attack, -1D Lightsaber as Reaction Skill (except vs Blasters)

Special Ability:

Powerful Strike - Users of Form V are known to make large, powerful attacks that are designed to bash through defenses of opponents. A Jedi may make a single Powerful Strike per round, with a +1D Bonus to Lightsaber skill. This attack is wreckless, however, so all subsequent Lightsaber skill rolls receve a -1D Penalty on top of normal multi-action penalties. If the Opponent is using a Lightsaber to defend against a Powerful Strike and fails, they may roll Strength to reduce the Damage of the Jedi's Powerful Strike.

Form VI:

A combination of Forms I, III, IV, and V. This was the standard for Old Republic Jedi.

Special Case:

Versatility - A user of Form VI may choose to use form II, III, IV, or VI as they see fit. All bonuses however are given at -2 pips, since the Jedi has not fully mastered any of the included forms. Jedi who use this form may not choose a Secondary form.

Form VII:

The most difficult of all forms, it leads to amazing skill and power. The Force-assisted leaps and other movements, combined with the wide, powerful swings make this form the most powerful in the hands of a true master. The odd pattern of the stacatto swings make it highly unpredictable in battle, although this also makes it more difficult to execute, even more so than the linked moves of Form IV. This form is only available to Jedi Masters.

Prerequisites: Jedi Rank of Master, 4D Lightsaber, 3D Control, Perception of 3D+2

Note - This Form, if chosen, will become the Primary Form for the Jedi. One of the Jedi's previous forms is then chosen as the Secondary form.

Bonus: +1D Lightsaber skill for Attack, -1D Lightsaber as Reaction skill

Special Ability:

Feint - The Jedi may feint an attacker, by rolling his/her perception against the perception of the opponent. If the Jedi succeeds, they recieve an additional +2D to a single Lightsaber skill roll.


A Jedi may use his lightsaber or telekinesis to disarm his opponent by removing the lightsaber from his hand or destroying the lightsaber. Players may only attempt a disarm by removal with a lightsaber WHILE the blades are in contact, and he suffers all the multiple action penalties with the exception of Form II users, who gain an extra 1D if penalties exist (ie. Bob disarms Joe after slashing 4 times. His penalties would be -4D+1D, or -3D). In order to disarm using a lightsaber, the character must either win his block or attack by 5 (ie. Joe rolls 14 for attack, Bob rolls 19 and may attempt a disarm). To disarm by destroying a lightsaber or using telekinesis you must sacrifice ANY offensive attacks that round (meaning you may not slash, stab, kick, or punch after disarming) and you may NOT destroy or remove through telekinesis after YOU block.

Lieutenant Colonel Randy Starkiller


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