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Blue Squadron NL, 4/10/03

By COM Leonard Cable
Unit: Patriot Starfighter Group
Squadron NL, Apr 10, 2003
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Greetings, Blues. Your friendly neighborhood new XO here. Our 'illustrious' CO Big just happened to mention yesterday that it was my turn to do a NL, it goes. Don't scream at me if it's toooooooo bad.

1) PBF 4.11 results.

As Big said, PBF 4.11 was very sad. The only three people that reported were the three members of the Blue Command Staff: Big, myself, and Van. Come on, guys, it was a very simple mission, and we're on a full roster right now. 25% of this squadron just isn't good enough.

2) Blue 2.01 results.

So far, we have two reports and the mission is due in five days. Currently, those who have reported are (all scores have been converted using PBF standard):

Admiral Darklighter: Mission Incomplete, 7,210
Lieutenant Darkfire: Mission Complete, 20,764

Now, like I said for PBF, we need better than this. I made this mission myself, so I know it is very simple and straightforward, so please just fly it for a little intra-squad competition. My pilot files will be following this NL soon. :) This mission is due by 4/15/03.

3) Valor 101

I also created this mission, and I've seen the amount of people reporting on it as I am Valor Wing Second Officer. Red has eight reports in, with Jade and Blue trailing with two reports each. The pilots that have reported are:

1st Lt. James Davidson - Blue 2
1st Lt. Phil Darkfire - Blue 12

This is also a good way to have some multi-squad competition besides the PBF mission, which I will follow this up on. Please fly, it's so much fun, especially since I made both Blue and Valor missions. ;P This mission is due by 4/12/03

4) PBF 4.12

Finally, the last mission of this tour has been released. Go fly it now, and make up for what happened in PBF 4.11. We are NOT a disgrace, and we will rise triumphantly. Right now Big is flying it, and I will follow suit. Please do not let us down, Blues.

5) Promotions

No promotions at this time.

6) Important notices.

Right now Big is running an Awol check to see if everyone is still active. All it requires is either replying to his e-mail saying you're awake, or e-mail him yourself at Currently, those that have replied are:

Lt. Col. Leonard Cable (Not AWOL)
Rear Admiral Sentry (Asked Removal)
1st Lieutenant Phil Darkfire (Not AWOL)
Captain Nightflyer (Asked Removal)

We are currently awaiting status reports from everyone else. You may either respond to this NL, or e-mail Big or myself and make sure we get the message that you're here to stay.

Well, that's it, gang. I hope it wasn't too boring for you, and I hope you guys have enough time in your *coughBUSYcough* schedules to send in a few reports. Good luck, and may the stars of the universe light your path.

Lt. Col. Leonard Cable
-Blue 5 (XO)


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