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New Ranks and Promotion Bylaws

By FA Rahj Tharen
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Apr 15, 2003
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Members of the Rebel Squadrons,

       Over the past few weeks, High Command has debated a topic of immense importance to the members of the Rebel Squadrons. The result of this debate is a change in the way ranks and promotions will work in the RS. This email is from all of Rebel Squadrons High Command and is intended to explain that change as comprehensively as possible.

       To briefly summarize, rank will now correlate with one’s primary level of command. As a result, rank will be based upon one’s primary position. What does this mean for the officers of the Rebel Squadrons? It means that the old rank levels have hardened somewhat. For one thing, when an officer receives a command position, they will receive an immediate promotion to the lowest rank in that particular rank level. The officer will then be eligible to be promoted up to the highest rank in that level. To go higher in rank, the officer will be expected to get a higher command position. It should be noted that High Command has allowed an exception to this rule for special cases.

       Why has such a change been made? The short answer is that in order to encourage more of the membership of the RS to become officers and learn how to handle leadership positions, High Command has voted to make rank correlate more specifically to leadership position. To address this issue and in order to get more leaders, we have directly tied the primary incentive of the RS into the leadership structure. Therefore, it is fully intended that this change will encourage more average RS members to become leaders within the club. By tying the main incentive of the RS, which is unquestionably ranks, into the leadership structure, we encourage everybody who wants recognition in the RS to be a leader and to work on their leadership skills. As a result, this is all in an effort to address this main problem.

       There are of course, some other obvious changes to the RS ranking system. This includes the addition of four new ranks. The ranks of Ensign, Senior Commander, Commodore, and Sector Admiral have been added to our Bylaws. Two of these ranks (Commodore and Sector Admiral) were RS ranks in the past, and may look familiar to people who have been in this club for a long time. These ranks were added to evenly distribute the number of ranks correlated to each position.

       High Command is aware that some people may take advantage of this new rank system to apply for positions that they are unable to fulfill. As such, the new rank system also stipulates that anyone who resigns a command position before they have held it for three months will lose the rank that they gained with that position (and return to the rank they held prior to receiving the position).

       Another important feature of this change is that all officers retiring in good standing from a position will retain their rank-- they will not be demoted simply because they no longer hold their old command position.

       With that said, the new Section 4: Ranks & Promotion Bylaws can be seen on the webpage at

       Please note that the explanations given above are brief in the interest of keeping this email as short as possible. Further questions can be directed to the Fleet Commander ( or any member of High Command. Questions are welcomed.

Respectfully submitted,

Rebel Squadrons High Command

The Rebel Squadrons – A H.I.E.R. Organization
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