Rebel Squadrons

AFNL ~ April 15, 2003

By ADM Indiana Bridger
Unit: Aurora Force
Fleet NL, Apr 16, 2003
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Forgive me for this being a little later than I had intended. Papers and such have kept me extremely busy lately, and then the return of a friend of some of us to IRC has taken up even more of my time....and then there's the HC shit I'm dealing with. Fun stuff. I can't wait until I don't have to worry about all of it anymore.

On to the newsletter.

AF News ~
- Jedi Council will start functioning as soon as we get our butts together. Congratulations to Jedi Master Jinx Katarn, who is currently heading up the Council. Stay tuned for more updates.
- Storyline has hit another lull, but some new little things are going on now that will help launch us into a new TOD. If anyone else has more blowing-up-shit to do, warn me and then get on with it.
- Four new cadets joining the fleet. Yay! I will remind Kale right now of procedure, which states that the squadron commanders are NOT the ones to place cadets in their squadrons - that's my job.
- You've all seen my e-mail regarding the across-the-board promotions. In order to gauge feeling from AF members, I'm going to ask if you guys would like to set up some sort of internal ranking procedure, since I've heard some good arguments that state that getting a promotion under the new system doesn't seem like it means anything. If we set up an internal rank structure, it could be confusing, but it could also be rewarding for members here. If enough people are in favor of this idea, then CS will discuss it (assuming they don't kill me for making this suggestion, in which case, that leaves Jason in charge). Let me know how you feel.
- ASF lives again. If you're interested in joining, contact Ben Haun and/or Inys.

Graduations ~
Congratulations to the following:
Tay Lothian ( ) - Lightning
Jacen Strafer ( ) - Nebula
Azuri Moonsong ( ) - Corsair
Max Outrider ( ) - Avalanche

May we have mercy on you. Hopefully your squadron COs will talk to you......basic procedure for you is that you arrive on base. You can report to the base commander's office (in which case, warn me at or you can go hunting for your squadron or wing CO. Good luck finding them, and welcome to Aurora Force.

That's about the size of it, as things stand now. I'd like to thank everyone for being so frank and honest lately regarding how much you think stuff sucks.

Aurora Force maintains a chat room in IRC's Undernet, #AuroraForce. Come to RP, come to bitch, it's all the same to us. With the return of Trystan Kel-Solan to our RPing world, things are bound to get quite interesting.

Catch you all on the flip side

~ Indiana "Frosty" Bridger, Aurora Force Commanding Officer

PS -

And I feel like an idiot right now, 'cause I forgot something in this newsletter.

Trosa, get up here.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the incoming Backlash Squadron Commanding Officer, Trosa Aldair.


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