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Shadow Squadron NL 4-19-03

By CMDR Linden Rathan
Unit: Retribution Fleet
Squadron NL, Apr 19, 2003
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Shadow Squad Newsletter
April 19, 2003



Not much in the way of news. For those of you not paying attention, Licah is now in charge of the R2W, and we are now a wing in RF.
That's about it.

-=-R2F 7.09 Results-=-
We had only 6 reports... where were the other 4? Oh, well, you've got the next mission in May to bring up activity and take Top Squad. Just a simple report of 0 would even be helpful. :P So lets get those reports in next month.


Total Reports: 21 (out of 26)
80.8% reporting!

1st. Skull Squadron: 8 / 9 reports - 88.9%
2nd. Hydra Squadron: 7 / 7 reports - 100.0%
3rd. Shadow Squadron: 6 / 10 reports - 60.0%

-=-Simulator Database-=-
Another quote from Licah
"This is the next big event for the R2F! I will be sending a separate e-mail with all the details. This is the main event for April, so for anyone itching to fly, you don't have long to wait."
I wonder where the DB is? :P


None that I know of...

-=-Retribution Tour 8-=-
This is a quote from Licah's NL :P
"Scheduled Takeoff: May 1st!"

-=-General Information-=-

This will be repeated at the end of every NL, and is a summary of all the important places for the R2F.

-R2F Website: - Your best source of R2F information.

-R2F Message Board:

-Current Fleet ITOD Scoreboard:

-R2F IRC Channel: #retribution_fleet (For more help on IRC, please visit )

-Help with TIE Fighter Mission Building:

Major Linden Rathan
Callsign: Lone-Wolf
Shadow CO
--Rebel Squadrons, A H.I.E.R.* organization--
--(* Honesty, Integrity, Equanimity, Respect)--


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