Rebel Squadrons


By MGN Gabrich Varmer
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
General Announcement, Apr 23, 2003
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":) Greetings IBG members,

As you all have read, I have been appointed as your new IBG CO. I'll skip introductions, since all of you know me from all my days as IBG ACO, after Deltan's and Vender's disappearance to the so-called "IBG CO curse". I intend to stop that trend, by the way. But who knows :P

So, what does this change mean to you? Same guy in charge. Well, you're quite right, but with the official commanding spot I am no longer holding the place for my CO to come back; I can now start implementing changes that I hope will contribute to make this fleet a much more fun place, as well as enhance the way we use our gaming platform, especially on the MultiPlayer side. So expect new stuff coming here.

I would also like to continue the task that Vender started -very successfully- to make the IBG CS work much more efficiently and automatically, AND begin the remodelation of the IBG site to use the templates (the IBG is the only fleet still not using them).

Me and my CS will always be open to suggestions and comments by the members of the fleet; never hesitate to direct me anything you come up with.

One last important matter - the IBG SO spot is now open, with Face's promotion to IBG XO. The SO spot is an important one for me; and it is important for any fleet to have a competent IO. I don't feel any Fleet CS complete without a reliable SO; this is why I would like to open a call for Applications for the spot. Get them to me at, and remember to state your rank, time in the RS, present and past command positions, and experience of any kind -in the RS or in Real Life even- that you feel may be useful or positive for the IBG.

Thanks for your time.

BGN Gabrich Varmer


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