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By FA Rahj Tharen
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Apr 23, 2003
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Members of the Rebel Squadrons,

       I wanted to take an opportunity to notify the membership of two recent and very significant appointments that I have made...

       First, I have appointed a new Intrepid Battle Group Commanding Officer to run the Rebel Squadrons’ esteemed X-Wing Alliance Fleet. Therefore, I have decided to appoint Brigadier General Gabrich Varmer ( to the position. BGN Varmer brings plenty of experience as the long time serving IBG Executive Officer and it is my hope that Gabrich will continue to foster the trend of the IBG’s recent successes. With that said, congratulations on your new appointment and may God have mercy on your soul!

       The second appointment of note is that of Rebel Squadrons Internet Officer. I have decided to appoint CMDR Zsinj (, one of the original coders of the RS Roster Database, to the RS IO position, but in an Acting capacity. Therefore, for the next three to four weeks, CMDR Zsinj will be on a trial period so that I can ensure that he is in fact the best fit for the position, as I suspect him to be. He will, however, have all of the normal authority and powers of the Internet Officer throughout this trial period. As a result, the Internet Office Staff now has a new leader and the RS now has a fulltime Internet Officer once again. This also means that the Internet Office is fully open for business. Subsequently, if any of you need Internet Office assistance, then I encourage you all to continue using to log IO Support Calls.

       With that said, I wish each of these new appointees the greatest of success in their new posts. May the Force be with you and may the pride and honor of the Rebel Squadrons carry on in each of you!

Respectfully submitted,

Fleet Commander Rahj Tharen,
Rebel Squadrons Commanding Officer

The Rebel Squadrons – A H.I.E.R. Organization
Honor, Integrity, Equanimity, Respect.


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