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Talon Squad NL 04/23/03

By GEN Corran Horn Jr.
Unit: Commando Division
Squadron NL, Apr 23, 2003
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Talon Squadron NL April 23, 2003

RSCD Restructuring

      As you are probably aware (if you aren't that means you aren't reading the E-mails going around) Shadow Squadron was closed down and members throughout the RSCD have been moved around from squadron to squadron. Here in Talon there is only four of us. We are first on the list to get new members as they become available.

Which Platform?
      You should have received an E-Mail asking you to go respond to a poll. This poll is so I know who has JK and who has JO. If you only want to use one of the two platforms then just mark that platform although I hope if you can use both that you will.
      I need this information so I know which events to really push (yes I will push all but if all can play JO except for me I will only go insane to push JO and of course vice versa, well I hope you get the idea).

Force Wars - Coming Soon
As you should have read about in the last RSCD NL there will be a new RSCD tournament out soon. here is the official release from Gambit.

I am pleased to announce, even if it's not totally completed yet, ::drumroll: the Force Wars.

Featuring 2 brand new Teams, a credit account for all, shopping on the promenade and more in a galactic power struggle for supreme rulership of the galaxy. Join the Light or Dark Side, earn credits by participating in various battles and events, buy new weapons or hire a teacher to learn the ways of the Force. Buy a season ticket to far away places so you and your friends can fight your foes in different locations and make the galaxy your own playground.
The foundations have been laid, the structures are being build and a bank is being located to store all your earnings and savings. Ships are being build, weapons are forged and arena's are being assembled stone by stone to create an authentic Star Wars experience. So stay tuned for this upcoming event: ::drumroll:: the Force Wars!

Now you just about as much as I do.

Who am I? and Who are you? and an AWOL Check
Yes this is also an AWOL Check but I do not just want you to say "yes, I'm here" or "I'm alive" what I want is for you guys to share some information about yourselves both in RL and in the RS. And I will go first.

      I joined the RS in February 1996 and I joined the RSCD late 97. I was originally a member of Delta Company and was later transferred to Charlie Company which then became Charlie Squad then Shadow Stalker (Shadow)Squad and was disbanded a few days ago. I have numerous positions of responsibility in the RS from Squad XO to Fleet CO (Which I was wrongfully removed from but I won't get into that here) in various fleets. RSCD specifically I was Charlie XO at some point stepped down to let some new blood in and then became Shadow XO several months ago and then Shadow CO and now you unfortunate, um.... I mean fortunate people have me here as the Talon CO.
      In RL I am a 22 year old Computer Engineering major at Quensborough Community College in New York City which is part of the CUNY system. I am extremely active with the Boy Scouts, primarily with it's National Honor Society the OA and Venturing which is it's Co-Ed division. Currently I am the Chapter Adviser with the OA and a former section Officer and Lodge Vice Chief. In Venturing I am a Committee Member of my crew and former president and former president of the Council Officers Association and member of the Nat'l Committee. With my Troop I am a lowly Asst. Scoutmaster but am a former SPL. I am an Eagle Scout, a Ranger and Silver Award recipient, District Award of Merit (DAM) recipient and a Vigil Honor member of the OA.
      I am single and like long walks on the........... uh maybe that is too much information.

I can't wait to hear form you guys because although I do know all of you guys I only know you a little from the RS. And please feel free to make fun of my lack of life.

My Goals for the squadron
Any and every good leader should have goals for their organization or section of the organization. Here are my three.

1. Become a close nit group and dare I say it, a family.
2. To be the most active squad in the RSCD

How do I hope to accomplish these goals. Well first I obviously can't meet these goals without your help. And both goals are intertwined. As most of you know the closer a unit is the more active it is. Yes there have been exceptions to this but it has been proven to be true at least 90% of the time. Hopefully you guys will have some fun making fun of my lack of life and maybe start some other interesting conversations amongst ourselves. By doing that it will hopefully help us by participating in events such as the Force Wars, WoWs and other Melee Nights when they get started again by each of us pushing each other to be there.

I don't have an XO. I am not pushing for an XO big time right at this moment because there is only four of us. But if you are interested here is what I expect my XO to do

I. When I get lazy or slack off kick me in he butt and yell in my ear "WAKE UP AND DO YOUR JOB YOU GOOD FOR NOTHING IDIOT!"

II. If I go on Leave to take the reins of the Squad and continue onward as I would as best you can.

III. Be ready to do any other job I might ask of you to the best of your ability.

IV. Be somewhat opinionated. My last XO when I was the R2F CO didn't talk much and didn't give his opinion much which led to some major problems as you re probably aware. And this part actually goes for ANY MEMBER of the squad. Speak your mind. I do listen. And my Door is always open

Really simple yes?

Talon Web Site
We have a site. It very very very out of date. I would actually like a redesign of the site. I could do it myself but I would prefer someone else to do it because there are people better then me out there and I like to try and get everyone involved. Especially sine the RSIO and an RSAIO :::looks at Pyth and Zsjin::: are members of this squad. Anyone interested on working on it let me know.

Right now NL's are not going to be on regular schedule. You will get at least one a month but right now there is nothing going on in the RSCD or in Knight company activity wise right now. But hopefully this won't be a problem cause we're all gonna do a lot of talking on this mailing list.

Well that is it for now. and again welcome to the new TALON SQUADRON and we will be the best

General Corran Horn Jr.
Talon CO
Knight Company XO


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