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Shadow Squadron NL 5-7-03

By CMDR Linden Rathan
Unit: Retribution Fleet
Squadron NL, May 07, 2003
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Shadow Squad Newsletter
April 19, 2003


Not much... Just that the web page is gonna be updated really soon :-)

-=-Shadow 3.01-=-
We have a mission out as of now. If I get enough reports, I'll put out another one after this one.
Description: A simple protect cargo transfer mission (What do ya expect? It's my first mission made :p)
Due Date: Fri May 16th, 11:59:59pm (Next Friday)

-=-Simulator Database-=-
Another quote from Licah
"This is the next big event for the R2F! I will be sending a separate e-mail with all the details. This is the main event for April, so for anyone itching to fly, you don't have long to wait."
I wonder where the DB is? :P


None that I know of...

-=-Retribution Tour 8-=-
This is a quote from Licah's NL :P
"Scheduled Takeoff: May 1st!"

-=-General Information-=-

This will be repeated at the end of every NL, and is a summary of all the important places for the R2F.

-R2F Website: - Your best source of R2F information.

-R2F Message Board:

-Current Fleet ITOD Scoreboard:

-R2F IRC Channel: #retribution_fleet (For more help on IRC, please visit )

-Help with TIE Fighter Mission Building:

Lt. Commander Linden Rathan

Callsign: Lone-Wolf


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