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Hydra Squadron NL 05/08/03

By LCM Trev Firestorm
Unit: Retribution Fleet
Squadron NL, May 08, 2003
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Hydra Squadron NL 05-08-03
"Hydra, hi'dra,  n. a water-monster with many heads, which when cut off were succeeded by others (myth). Difficult to root out, springing up vigorously again and again"

Main News

Been a bit long since the last squad NL so here we go!
Next Retribution ITOD should be starting soon, hopefully.

Roster Changes

None at this time.

Mission Status and Turnout

I've not recieved any scores for the Hydra C1, true i dont have a site setup for it yet or even my own score to my satisfaction, but that shouldn't hold any of you back

Hydra C1- "True Hydra"

This competition is most definately a "skills" mission, if someone wants to prove me wrong go ahead, unlike the last few TOD missions the goals are low so everyone should be able to place nomatter how much their skills need refining

Mission file can be downloaded at (for now atleast)
Mission Reports and Pilot files are to be sent to, or if you want to hold off on getting your score posted and just need a check send it to the CO and XO, currently and TBA. I will post the scoring convension used for the bonus goals and such sometime in the next week, probably in the next NL since I'll be busy most of the week.
Laser Cap: None (I hate the very idea of a laser cap)

Hydra 1.01 (tentative #)- "Visiters from Beyond"

This is to be the first in the new Hydra ITOD, I want this to work alittle differently than the normal ITOD in that I will be designing the missions around the results of the previous missions, if theres more failure on certain goals than successes then the storyline takes that path, (i.e. capture of enemy craft, capture of own craft) as always the basic goals will be easy, but further goals may not be. More info to come on this.


Its all good now ^_^ I'd like everyone to email me, just gota make sure you're all alive still.

Closing Notes

I've begun the flash page so it should be atleast semi functional within the next month or two Its being evil, well that more my comp, keeps crashing and i lose my updates

Get more people to play, the more competition there is the more fun it is. And besides, you could even get a funny little medal for it... (I feel like a hypocrit (sp?) I failed again, good luck the rest of you)



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