Rebel Squadrons

Academy Post Graduate Division

By COL Cephisus Balder
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, May 12, 2003
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Greetings, members of the Rebel Squadrons.

This is LCL Cephisus Balder, I'm the PG CO. My Command Staff and I are planning to make a new restructuration of this division. The Post Graduate Division is currently quite an inactive section of the Rebel Squadrons Academy, although almost every fleet has got a squadron in this division with a clear objective: To improve the pilots' skills. The current status is not good, as there are almost no cadets at all.

Other PG COs have tried to restucturate the diferent Academies, but they only changed the way that academy worked or their requeriments. I'm going to dare to handle a larger restructuration, though. The current academies will be closed and shut down, except for the OTS and the MBA; so there will be a squadron for single player games, another squadron for multi player games and a "misc" wing that will hold: the OTS, a new Narrative writing section (all wings, especially for the AF), a Simulation Department (for the ABG), and the MBA.
As you can see, there is an squadron for the ABG and other for the AF (also for other fleets), two fleets that didn't have any Post-Grad training available until now.

Now, we are looking for an ACTIVE Command Staff and instructors for these academies, we'll have a lot of work to do. Also we are looking for a Post Graduate Second Officer.

If you are wishing to join any of these squadrons as instructor, tell the gaming platform you want to join. If you have or had experience in any Under Graduate or Post Graduate squadron, please, tell it as well. Furthermore, if you are also interested on the Command Staff positions, tell the experience you have as an officer.

Send your applications and questions to and

If you are sending the aplication for the Multi Player squadron, e-mail Adam "Vender" Fene ( as well.

Thanks for your time


LCL Cephisus Balder
Post Graduate Commanding Officer


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