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Retribution Wing Awards Ceremony Tour 7

By BGN Nichos Katran
Unit: Retribution Fleet
Fleet NL, May 16, 2003
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Retribution Fleet Mail

Awards Ceremony, Tour 7
You walk into the meeting room and look around. All around you, there are your squadmates, pilots from other squadrons in the wing, the squad CO's, and the fleet command staff. You wave to a few people and take a seat about halfway up the rows of chairs facing the stage. You look around and notice the other pilots and officers begin to take their seats as well. Up on the stage you see Licah and Nichos talking quietly amongst themselves as Dave, Ben and Harley take their seats. Licah sits down on the right h
and side of the podium as Nichos walks up and waits for everyone to stop talking. The hall goes quiet and the lights dim a bit. A spotlight shines on Nichos and the ceremony begins...

Greetings pilots, you all know why you're here. You've all performed excellently on this past tour, even though there have been some problems with fleet status. Nevertheless, you're all still here and fighting for the greater good. For this, Licah and I would like to show our appreciation for your valiant efforts.

Tour 7 Awards

Tour 7 seen a lot of pilots come and go, commanding officers included. The fleet has seen its lowest point at this tour, but because of pilots like all of you, we will be on the rise soon enough. Every pilot that reported on at least one mission during this tour has been given the "Xeleron" R2F Tour Ribbon: =|X|*|X|= . This award has already been added to your profiles. Congratulations.

Every tour has one pilot that stands out above the rest, for high scores and consistent reporting. This tour it is Commander Dev Azzameen. Dev has shown time and again that he possesses the skills to be a Top Ace pilot. For this, I present to him the Tour Champion Award ||--->|| . ":) Congratulations Dev.

And of course, every tour needs a top squad. It was obvious this tour that there was no competition for this spot, mainly due to lack of activity from the challengers. Therefore, it is my pleasure to present Skull Squadron with the R2F Squadron Tour Champions medal: -[*:|T|:*]- . Although, only those that have been in the squad for at least half the tour, thus having made a major contribution to the win, are being awarded this medal. Congratulations go out to Commander Dev Azzameen, Colonel Licah Fox, Major
Matt Brown, Major Koral, and Commander Menshk Vrei'Sik. These pilots blew away the competition in the past tour and have definitely earned this award. Congratulations ":).

In the past while, the efforts of some pilots has been shown in their combat skills. They have repeatedly scored on every tour missions, more often than not with the top scores. For this, I would like to present the following people with the Dantoonine Key {o~;;}: Corran Horn Jr., Dev Azzameen, Licah Fox, Xtremegene, and Ste. T. Congratulations to all of you ":).

Also, there have been some pilots who have reported consistently, but not on every mission. Although they haven't shown 100% reporting, their efforts are still considerable and should be commended. For this I would like to present the following pilots with a Dauntless Combat Citation ^|DCC|^:

Hydra: Argon Viper, Corran Horn Jr., Dash Xander, Ste T, Trev Firestorm
Shadow: Anderson, Linden Rathan, Rakiki, Rode Mitchell, Ryan Coburn, Vykk Tharen
Skull: Dev Azzameen, Koral, Licah Fox, Matty Brown, Menshk Vrei'Sik, Xtremegene
(Hellfire): Adam Fene, Harley Quinn, Nichos Katran, Talon Starblazer
(Wraith): Bethan Leitbur, Tyrin Drax

Of course, there are other medals to be given away that aren't directed to the tour.

General Corran Horn, Jr. please step forward. For your excellent service to the fleet during your time as Commanding Officer and your ideas to help push this wing back up to fleet status, I present to you the Medal of Service: -/~!~\- . Although your time as Commanding Officer was cut short, the fleet is still grateful for your service. Thank you and Congratulations ":)

Commander Argon Viper please step forward. For your contributions to the fleet during its rough time and your work in Intel Squadron, I present to you the Medal of Service: -/~!~\- . You have done outstanding things for this fleet and we are grateful for your work. Thank you and Congratulations ":).

This fleet has gone through a rough time recently, and there have been some pilots that havve decided they don't want to help the fleet regain its glory. For those that stuck through it though, you have shown everyone that are truly great pilots. We are entirely grateful to each and everyone of you for your continued loyalty, and felt you all should be awarded. For everyone that has stuck with this fleet, you have been given the R2F Medal of Loyalty. -«?¥?»- Wear this medal proudly to show that you have st
uck through this rough time to help the R2F become a fleet again. Thank you everyone ":)


Nichos looks around as the pilots pin their newly earned medals to their uniforms. "And now, your Commanding Officer, Colonel Licah Fox, will close the ceremony with a few words. Congratulations to everyone." Nichos makes a salute to the crowd and takes the seat next to Licah."

"Greetings, everyone. It is an honor to address you today. I'll keep things short, since I know just how much you all enjoy sitting in full dress.

"The Prometheus repeatedly took some very heavy beatings this tour, yet thanks to your skill it stayed alive, and we were all able to have a place to live. We stopped Admiral Darwinier. We knocked out an entire opposing Imperial unit. I'd say we did quite a nice job the last few months. And it couldn't have done without you. For that, I thank each and every person in this room.

"As you all know, recently we downgraded to wing size. Prior to this downgrading, we had two hardworking Wing Commanding Officers who tried very hard to keep their wings active and contributing to their fullest. Commander Argon Viper and Major Matty Brown, please step forward. The two of you have my thanks for all of your work, and I would like to reward it in turn.

"Commander Argon Viper, front and center. For your enthusiasm and hard work as Storm Wing Commanding Officer, as well as your dedication to the Retribution Wing, I hereby promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Congrats, Lieutenant Colonel Viper! ":)

"Major Matty Brown, front and center. For your consistent hard work as Sentinel Wing Commanding Officer, as well as commanding the top squadron for eight consecutive missions, I hereby promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Congrats, Lieutenant Commander Brown! ":) "

As the two promoted officers are given their new rank pins and applauded by their peers on their way to sit down, Licah continues talking.

"There are two more officers that are to be commended for their hard work as Hydra Commanding Officer and Shadow Commanding Officer. Though it seems that they have their priorities the highest in other places, nevertheless they deserve much recognition for their service to the Retribution Wing. Please recognize Major Trev "Blaze" Firestorm and Lieutenant Commander Linden "Lone-Wolf" Rathan."


As the audience applauds, Licah reaches into his pocket and brings out one final small case. After the applause ceases, he begins speaking once more.

"There is one person who has helped me more than anyone else, who has pushed me to make the Retribution Wing better, who deserves some recognition of all of his hard work. He has been a part of Retribution for over four years now, and has risen to the second highest position in the unit. Colonel Nichos Katran, please step forward. In recognition of what you have given to this fleet, and in honor of your service, I hereby promote you to the rank of Brigadier General. Congratulations, sir! ":)

"Everyone, enjoy the little leisure time you'll have before our next Tour.. All dismissed!"



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