Rebel Squadrons

Foxfire Squadron NL - 05/22/03

By COL Aidyn Wolfwood
Unit: Commando Division
Squadron NL, May 22, 2003
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Members of Foxfire Squadron -
Though things have started slow with the Squadron, I am hoping to get things going soon. Like most of you know, this saturday at 4:00 Eastern Time, there will be a Inter-Club Melee in #outerrim.
This will serve as good training for most of you, so I can see your capabilities, and elect an XO to serve by my side. If any of you cannot make, that is understandable.
I know this is a short NL, but there isnt much to speak of at this current moment. There will be a meeting, June 17th at 7:00 Eastern Time to discuss playing times, as well as a few other things.
If there is anyone you know of who might be able to join Foxfire, either have them contact me, or tell me of them so as I may contact them.
Thank you for your time. Expect the next NL about June 21st, after the Squadron Meeting.

Cpt. Tyrannus 'Tyro' Dooku
Foxfire Squad CO


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