Rebel Squadrons

Combat Theory

By LCM Bonaparte
Unit: Retribution Fleet
General Announcement, May 23, 2003
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My name is Major Bonaparte and I am the Commanding Officer of the Combat Theory Department in the Postgraduate Division. Currently, I am looking for someone who can make difficult TIE Fighter missions and some instructors. If you are interested, please contact me at Thank you.

Major Bonaparte
Patriot Battle Fleet///Valor Wing//Red Squadron/Red 4

Patriot Battle Fleet///Operation: Lanvarok//Lanvarok CO/Lanvarok 1

Allegience Battle Group///Special Forces Wing//Renegade?s Guild/Renegade 10

Academy///Postgraduate//Combat Theory Department/Combat Theory CO

Academy///ABG Simming Academy//ABG Academy SO/Black Night Team 10

Former Positions
X-wing Combat Tactics CO

Medals & Merits
PBF Top Ace: 31 points
Merit Commendation
Veteran Service Medal - 1 Year
PBF Mission Report Medal (2x)
PBF Most Active Squadron
PBF Medal of Activity (6x)
X-wing Academy Master Cadet w/Honors
ABG Academy Master Cadet w/Honors
Red Squadron Medal of Consistency

?If it?s not tough, it?s not worth doing.? - Major Bonaparte
?Fear failure, and you will not succumb to it.? - Lord Jerec
?In life, there are two classes: the hunted and the hunters.? - Unknown
?Life is lived by the strong, owned by the strong and, if necessary, taken by the strong.? - Unknown
?The reason we start a war is to fight a war, win a war, thereby causing no more war.? - George W. Bush
?Argue for your limitations and sure enough, they?re yours.? - Unknown


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