Rebel Squadrons


By RA Adam "Vender" Fene
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, Jun 11, 2003
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IBG Multi Player Events! All Events mentioned have BEGUN!

- Domination League! -

That's right, your favorite type of melee competition is BACK! Domination League (DL) is a 1vs1 competition that is on-going. It is a constant battle! View the page for reporting and statistics at:

Rules are at:

Reminder: Losers Report! You know the rest! GO!

- Starfighter Circuit League! -

This is a new competition. Players participate in a circuit race within XWA (Pilot Proving Grounds)! Here's a basic rundown on how it works. Races go according to rounds, and one round is equal to 2 weeks.

1. A course is chosen. (This round's course is: "Ringer 1")
2. Everyone races in that couse for the round.
3. You race people just like you fly them in Domination League.
4. When you report, you report the time you finished in.
5. Losers report, remember. Participants are encouraged to always check that their match has been reported correctly.

The player with the most wins and best times are awarded at the end of the round. More explained on the site at:

Any questions, e-mail me ( Both competitions are hosted by the same site, so viewing information is made very easy.

Rear Admiral Fene


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