Rebel Squadrons

State of the ABG Address

By LCM Spyder Singh
Unit: Alliegiance Battle Group
Fleet NL, Jun 12, 2003
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To The Allegiance Battle Group -

I have come forth to inform you of the many changes that are occurring within
our ranks. We are embarking on a journey to strengthen our group, bring back
the life that once filled our sims and our interactions. We are stripping
ourselves of all complications and returning to the basic fundamentals of Star
Wars WEG 2E style role playing. We will be keeping a few of COL Randy
Starkiller's Jedi Powers and rules but we will be streamlining them to make them
less confusing and easier to use. The new rules in their entirety are posted

Also, as of today, we are no longer a Fleet. We are a Wing in Redemption Fleet,
headed by Fleet Admiral Dave Trebonious-Astoris. We no longer have the numbers
to support our fleet status; but it was not our FC, Rear Admiral Rahj Tharen or
the HC which brought us back here. It was by the volition of our own members,
our core simmers; our heart and soul. The reason for this is when we began to
worry about the numbers we began to lose sight of what we were here for, and
much of that was the fault of the Command Staff. These are all things we are
going to change. As it was said in the discussion about going back to the RF,
the ABG as a whole would prefer to be a small group of people who love simming
than a large group who have little to no interest.

Another change that has occurred is with our Command Staff. Due to the now
non-working condition of Colonel Randy Starkiller's computer he has resigned and
has expressed wishes for me to take his place. Our FC has deemed it so as well.
I have many ideas for this group and am excited to make them come to life. One
of them is in the process of becoming a reality now. At this time I am speaking
to the members and Command Staff of other Star Wars internet gaming clubs (EH,
SV, DB) about an inter-club campaign. Also there is an AW wide campaign in the
making and shows much promise, it looks to be interesting. Thank you Davin, for
submitting it, make it happen.

I would also like to take this time to introduce you to the Command Staff of the
AW. You probably already know who they are and why, but here we go:

ABG CO: Major Dareesha Anais
ABG XO: Lieutenant Colonel Zak Ciredik
ABG SO: Major Jagged Drayson (IO)

Sim Times:

Jedi - Sunday at 4PM EST
Academy - Friday at 5 PM EST
Liberate - Thursdat at 5 PM EST
*If you have not submitted me your sim times, please do so.

New and Modified Rules:

Jedi Rules: (as compiled and rewritten by Davin I Kabak and Toran Celd)
Eliminate Jedi Journeyman rank. All other ranks remain as-is.

Padawan - Addl requirement: To be accepted/taken on by a Knight or Master.

DSP Penalties:

-1 pip to all Light/Neutral Force Powers per 1 DSP

visa-versa for Dark Characters


1 FP + WP roll of >= 15 will erase 5 DSP.

2 LSP + WP roll of >= 15 will erase 1 DSP

Force Power Learning:

(#/# = with/without teacher)

Student Padawan Knight Master

Student 4/8 - - -

Padawan 3/6 4/8 - -

Knight 2/4 3/6 4/8 -

Master 1/2 2/4 3/6 4/8


This is the new list of Force Powers for ABG. Many of these you will recognize.
Some you won't. Some are tweaked, some have altered descriptions, others are
homebrew. They all make sense. Descriptions for the Powers will be pending, so
if you think there's a missing power, don't's probably been covered
under another similar power.


Not only does the Heirarchy determine the power power upgrade tree, it also
indicates what Rank the power may be learned at, as follows...





(Master, etc)

Any Force power that has multiple "Levels", recieves an upgrade to the next
Level automatically, when the Jedi graduates to the next Level. This upgrade is

Some powers are marked as (SPECIAL CASE). These powers have cirtain
circumstances surrounding them, and should be discussed with a GM in detail
prior to attempting to learn or use them, as special rules may apply.

Some of these powers that are listed as Root powers may have prerequisite ranks
or powers that are elsewhere in the list. This will be addressed later, when
descriptions are finished.


* = Dark Side Power (DSP for use)

() = Teras Kasi Power

{} = Teras Kasi Skill (Replaces/includes all Jedi martial arts)

<> = Shimura Monk Power

[] = Aiki Power


Absorb/Dissipate Energy

Channel Energy

Resist Stun

Lesser Force Shield

Greater Force Shield

Accelerate Healing

Accelerate Another's Healing


Control Disease

Control Another's Disease

Control Pain

Control Another's Pain


Reduce Injury

Detoxify Poison

Detoxify Poison In Another

Remove Fatigue

Remove Another's Fatigue

Remain Consious

Return Another to Consciousness

Lightsaber Combat lvl 1

Lightsaber Combat lvl 2

Lightsaber Combat lvl 3

Lightsaber Combat lvl 4

[Aiki Combat]

-{Teras Kasi Fighting}(SPECIAL CASE)


Control Breathing

Force of Will

Hibernation Trance

Place Another in Hibernation Trance



Feed on Dark Side*

Force Scream*

Astrogation Control

Enhance Attribute

Magnify Senses

Short Term Memory Enhancement


Life Detection

Life Sense

Life Web

Sense Force

Danger Sense

Combat Sense

(Teras Kasi Combat lvl 1)(SPECIAL CASE)

(Teras Kasi lvl 2)

(Null Gravity)

(Force Charged Strike)

Predict Natural Disaster

Weather Sense



Transfer Force



Transfer Life*(SPECIAL CASE)

Instinctive Astrogation

Sense Force Potential

Sense Path

Shift Sense

Receptive Telepathy

Projective Telepathy

Beast Languages

Aura of Uneasiness*

Waves of Darkness*

Enhanced Coordination

Battle Meditation

Lesser Force Harmony

Greater Force Harmony(SPECIAL CASE)

Affect Mind

Control Mind*(SPECIAL CASE)

Dim Other's Senses

Inflict Pain

Memory Wipe*(SPECIAL CASE)



Affect Mind

Electronic Manipulation*


Bolt of hatred*

Dark Side Web*

Drain Life Energy*

Drain Life Essence*(SPECIAL CASE)

Force Lighting*




Force Wind*

Create Force Storms*(SPECIAL CASE)

Projected Fighting

Telekinetic Kill*

Warp Matter



Force Power Upgrading:

When a Power is upgraded, ALL skills under that power in the skill tree are
automatically upgraded as well... However, each of these additional powers will
cost additional CP to upgrade the 'base' skill a Jedi wishes to upgrade.
Descriptions will follow in the Jedi NL and the AW NL.

In addition, we will be changing the rule for upgrading upon further discussion
of the matter.

Thank you.

Respectfully Yours,

Maj. Dareesha Anais aka Spyder and the ABG Command Staff.


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