Rebel Squadrons

RSCD NL June 29, 2003

By GEN Corran Horn Jr.
Unit: Commando Division
Fleet NL, Jun 29, 2003
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RSCD Changes

      Knight Company no longer exists. It has been changed to Osiris Outcasts. It is more then a name change. Unlike it's predecessor the squadrons in the Osiris Outcasts are strictly for JO Players. The squadrons in Osiris are Epsilon(formally known as Dragon), Raven and Talon. If you belong to one of these squadrons and don't play JO please let me know at immediately so I can place you in the Durandal Knights (The JK specific Wing). Both the Osiris Outcasts(JO) and the Durandal Knights(JK) will be concentrating activities on their respective platform. If you own both games and want to participate in activities for both games you may belong to both wings. Just let me know if you belong to one and you want to belogn to the other as well (or instead of).

RSCD Website
      As you may have noticed the RSCD website gives a whole bunch of errors. This is due to the RS IO going through and doing work on code throughout the RS Domain. Once they are done and get us the info on the changed code the site will be brought back to 100%.

Force Wars
      The Force Wars are still going on. With the exception of the "Change Team" option the Force Wars site seems to be working with no problems. So those of you participating should spend some time in #RSCD on IRC and get some matches in. And those of you on the Knights Remember that the Harbingers have their eyes set on Yavin so get out there and help defend it.

CTF Tournament
      Gambit and myself have started talking about setting up a Capture the Flag(CTF) Tournament. More information will be sent out as it becomes available.

Week of War
The JO Week of War for July starts this coming Friday, July 4.
The JK Week of War for July starts Friday July 11.
For information on how to play or sign up for a WoW please feel free to contact me.

      Yesterday (Saturday June 29) the Durandal Knights faced off against the SV. The match ended with a 2v2v1 Melee. The RS had 13 Kills, the SV had 6 and Topachea who is a member of both the RS and SV wiped the floor with all of us with 22 kills. It was a great deal of fun and I know I personally can't wait till the next competition.

Well that is it for now

GEN Corran Horn Jr.


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