Rebel Squadrons

RgF NL, 7/1/03

By FA Sienn "The Rot" Sconn
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Fleet NL, Jul 01, 2003
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Renegade Fleet E-mail

Well, it's time for another edition of your favorite NL. I'm back from
the first of two long LOAs that I'll be taking this summer, and it
looks like the fleet didn't suffer too badly in my abscence. I guess I
should leave Ent in charge more often.

Oh well, here goes.

I. News
II. Announcements
III. ITOD Results
IV. Promotions/Awards.
V. Closing

I. News:

-AWOL check is done, expect results very soon. If you haven't replied
yet, you damn well better, otherwise the heavy hand of Ent will come
down on you, and nobody wants that.

-211 is up and ready to go. You can download it, as usual, here:

-Whoever took my pants, I'd like them back. Ent and Rich, I'm looking
in your direction.

II. Announcements

-If y'all didn't get it already, Lt. Col. Sair Mandella has returned to
our ranks, once again flying with Red Dragon Squadron. Sair's been a
colorful figure in RS history and I'm sure many of you have seen him on
IRC, usually, but not recently, in the Bar and Grill. Sair was one of
my first COs in the RS and is an often underrated, but damn deadly MP

-Rich is working on a project for the entire RgF like he's done in
Guardian Wing, where each wing and squadron will have a motto and
mission profile. For instance, um..."Sconn Squadron: In Service to
Gav since 1999. Profile: Adv. Grunt Work." Squad and Wing COs,
expect him to be talking to you soon, so you better have ideas.

-Multiplayer Flying: Now that the WoW has basically petered out, and
the MP training nights with the DB, SV, NR5F, etc, have all gone the
way of ORW II (::the sound of a muffled toilet flushing is heard::),
I'm going to try to get some straight RgF practice nights going
sometime here in July. Which leads me to...

-Activity: It's been pretty good, but things are starting to wane when
they should pick up for the summer months. That's why I called the
AWOL check, along with another reason that, if you require more
information, you should contact me personally about.
( Suffice to say, I would like activity to
retain a high level during these months, especially when other fleets
are in jeapordy.

III. ITOD Results.

If I could say one word, it would be "Damn." If I could say 3, it
would be, pardon my french: "Holy F-cking Sh-t."

We had three pilots from Red Dragon Squadron who each scored over 100k.
They must have a good CO.

Leading the way for RDS is the RgF's top gun for 210, Corran Horn Jr,
whose score of 211,946 outscored every other SQUADRON in the fleet.
2nd Place went to Bria Tharen
3rd place winner is Talmer Kraablad, all from Red Dragon Squadron.

Top Squad is, obviously, Red Dragon, showing once again why RDS is the
"die hard" Squad.

Top Wing goes to the DOW, which is being renamed to Red Dragon Wing
(assisted by Jedi Squadron).

IV. Promotions and Awards:

I'd like to confer the highest honor the RgF gives out to a pilot that
has put in a lot of hard work that most of you don't recognize and is
repsonsible for the sporadic ITOD we've had over the last year, MGN Wes
"Gizmo" Belden, please step forward and recieve the RgF Pilot of the
Week medal!

Major Daryus Zalyn`cya, please step forward. For your outstanding
activity in Guardian Wing, your sacrifice and hard work with Dragon
Squadron and your assistance to the Operations Office, I hereby promote
you to Lieutenant Commander!

Lt. Commander Chris Horn, please step forward. In light of your
activity in multiplayer events and your work with Wyvern Squadron, I
hereby promote you to Commander. Plus, with that recent wedding, a
larger paycheck could probably help out. Congrats on both your
nuptials and promotion, Chris!

Commander Talon Starblazer, please step forward. Your work with
Scorpion Wing has not gone unnoticed. You've been in a thankless
position working to restore a wing to its former glory, and for that, I
hereby promote you to Lt. Colonel. Congrats!

V. Closing

Well, that's it. Drinks are on the people mentioned above. I'm sure
as hell glad to be back. I encourage all interested parties to speak
to me regarding the AWOL check and remind all of you that my proverbial
door is always open if you've got something you want or need to bring
up with me, either personally or regarding the Fleet.


-Major General Sienn "Morningstar" Sconn,
Renegade Fleet Executive Officer (acting CO).


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