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Shadow Squad Newsletter 07-06-03

By CMDR Linden Rathan
Unit: Retribution Fleet
Squadron NL, Jul 06, 2003
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Shadow Squad Newsletter
July 06, 2003


Not much... But we do have some transfers.
Goodbye to Jester who retired a while back.
And welcome back (again :p) Col Han Suul as Shadow 12. Glad to have you back
Plus- Capt Kosh Naranek, you are AWOL. please report in.

-=-R2F 800-=-
Haven't had a chance to fly this mission yet... But I've attached the mission to this Newsletter. There are some rule changes, so look at rules #1, 5, and 6 I believe at

I'm expecting 100% reporting from Shadow. We know we're the best, lets make sure everyone knows it! :)

This mission [R2F 8.00] is due no later than July 31st, 2003. Make sure you send your pilot file to for the report.


None that I know of...

-=-Shadow ITOD-=-
I need some feedback... I only got 2 reports from the squad, and it takes quite some effort to get a mission out... Tell me if you want it to continue or not, k? :p

-=-General Information-=-

This will be repeated at the end of every NL, and is a summary of all the important places for the R2F.

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-R2F Message Board:

-Current Fleet ITOD Scoreboard:

-R2F IRC Channel: #retribution_fleet (For more help on IRC, please visit )

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Lt. Commander Linden Rathan

Callsign: Lone-Wolf


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