Rebel Squadrons

PBF NL July 20, 2003

By FA Tyrell "Spokes" Borran
Unit: Patriot Starfighter Group
Fleet NL, Jul 26, 2003
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Patriot Battle Fleet E-mail

--- Narrative Briefing for PBF 5.03 ---

*** Aboard the MC-90 Cruiser -Windstorm- ***
*** 2037, Relative Shipboard Time ***
*** 1337, Coruscant Standard Time ***

"Thank you both for arriving on such short notice," General Tyrell
"Spokes" Borran started, while sliding his command staff a datapad
each. "We just received an update from Intel about the runs being made
against the Ore convoys, and I think we've been given an opportunity we
can't let slide."
       Colonel Chris Earthkeeper skimmed through the first few lines.
"They've identified the Frigate?"
       Spokes nodded. "They've tentatively tagged it as the -Harasser-, a
ship last positively identified just over a year ago, when it was still
under Imperial command. And while that throws up some interesting
questions, what's immediately important to us is that they supplied us
with what they're fairly sure is the Frigate's next target."
       Brigadier General Fion "Zero" Grell, who'd been reading up to that
point, nodded. "I just saw it and had the convoy's route
displayed...unless they have access to an Interdictor we haven't seen
yet, there's really only one place they could be planning on ambushing
the convoy..."
       The other two leaned closer as Fion turned his datapad around,
displaying the flight plan displayed in white and a red circle around
the Malkoria system. Spokes nodded grimly. "I figured as much. The
Rastine-Theseus route is financially the most important, and also the
one where losing a convoy causes most political damage."
       "Yeah," Earthkeeper answered, "The locals are getting pretty
worked up about it. But isn't that the system they trashed us in
       "It is," Spokes said. "How long do we have?"
       Fion frowned and called up the convoy's information list again.
"If they're flying according to schedule, they should have jumped out
of the Anshife sector just over two hours ago...that would mean they'd
revert to realspace in Malkoria in almost thirty-five minutes."
       "And how long would it take us to get there?" Spokes asked, his
brow wrinkled in concentration.
       Fion shook his head. "We're not far off, but there's no way the
-Windstorm- can make it in time. Fighters, maybe half an hour."
       Spokes turned to Earthkeeper. "How many fighters can we
       The Second Officer looked doubtful. "Most of our space superiority
fighters are out, protecting other convoys. We have two A-Wings prepped
that just came out of repairs, but that's all we could launch within
five minutes."
       "How about bombers?" Spokes asked thoughtfully.
       Both his subordinates looked surprised, but Earthkeeper quickly
answered, "Prepped, we have the four B-Wings from Phoenix that just
       "Call their pilots into the briefing room, and get two for those
A-Wings. Briefing is in two minutes."
       "There's no way we can save that convoy," Fion stated carefully.
       "I know. But if we're fast enough, we can catch that Frigate in
Malkoria's grav shadow and end these raids. So let's get moving."

--- News ---

First and foremost, congratulations to Crimson for ending up on top on
5.02, and to Gold Squadron for finishing a strong second.

I'm sorry about the long wait for this mission, but Spokes is having
computer problems and it's unclear when he'll be back in his full
capacity. Also, I will be out of town from the 21st to the 28th and the
29th to the 6th, so Earthkeeper is in charge until Spokes gets back. Be
nice to him.

PBF 5.03 is out and will be sent in a separate mail to your individual
command staff, so expect to see it in your inbox shortly. Otherwise, it
is available as download from the PBF page at:

The deadline for the mission is Sunday, the 17th of August, at 11:59:59
PM, EDT. Narrative reports are due Wednesday, the 20th of August, at
11:59:59 PM, EDT.

Oh yes, and it's also easier than 5.02.

So, get flying, send your reports to, with
your pilot file attached, and enjoy your holidays.

--- PBF 5.02 Results ---


1. Crimson Squadron - 200 Kills - 222396 Points - 8 Reports
2. Gold Squadron - 159 Kills - 189362 Points - 8 Reports
3. Blue Squadron - 160 Kills - 171159 Points - 8 Reports
4. FireClaw Squadron 160 Kills - 169727 Points - 6 Reports
5. Red Squadron - 140 Kills - 153411 Points - 7 Reports
6. Green Squadron - 113 Kills - 143505 Points - 6 Reports
7. Jade Squadron - 48 Kills - 48438 Points - 3 Reports
8. Phoenix Squadron - 39 Kills - 45942 Points - 5 Reports
9. Sabre Squadron - 0 Reports


1. Crusader Wing - 359 Kills - 411758 Points - 16 Reports
2. Valor Wing - 348 Kills - 373008 - 18 Reports
3. Hope Wing - 312 Kills - 359174 - 17 Reports

Individual pilot results are available at:

--- PBF Medal of Victory ---

The medal awarded for the best overall performance in the current PBF

Daniel Rezmann

--- PBF Mission Report Medal ---

The medal awarded for the best written narrative for the current PBF


--- PBF Activity Medal ---

Given to each member of a squad that reported with 70% of its pilots
for the current mission.


Gold (72%)
Blue (80%)
Red (77%)

--- Fleet Reports ---

51 of 95 (53%) pilots reported. I realize that a lot of people are on
vacation now, but I still hope to see more reports this month.

--- Squad Reports ---

1. Blue Squadron - 8 of 10 (80%)
2. Red Squadron - 7 of 9 (77%)
3. Gold Squadron - 8 of 11 (72%)
4. Crimson Squadron - 8 of 12 (66%)
5. Green Squadron - 6 of 10 (60%)
6. FireClaw Squadron - 6 of 12 (50%)
7. Phoenix Squadron - 5 of 12 (41%)
8. Jade Squadron - 3 of 8 (37%)
9. Sabre Squadron - 0 of 11

--- Mission Guidelines ---

The rules for the mission are:

1. You may run this mission as many times as you like but you MUST get
the MISSION COMPLETE message and have a valid *.plt file in order to be
eligible for the PBF Medal of victory. FAILED MISSIONS count towards
Squadron & Wing totals & activity. In addition, any score not
accompanied by a pilot file for verification will NOT be counted by the
PBF Command Staff. The PBF Command Staff may require additional
verification when deemed necessary.

2. Run the mission as "defect.xwi" ( this will place it as X-Wing
X-Wing TOD 1 Mission 1 ) so that your stats will be recorded in your
*.plt file.

3. Make a new pilot file each time you run the mission. If you fail the
mission and wish to run it again make sure to use a new pilot file
instead of re-running it with the same pilot. Any pilot file found to
be "unclean" will result in the score NOT being counted by the PBF
Command Staff and will be reported as "0".

4. Destroying "Friendly" craft to pad ones stats is strictly
prohibited. *.plt files containing "Rebel" craft kills will be
considered invalid.

5. You should also include a written report with your score laser/ion
shots and hits, missile shots and hits and kill totals in the email.

6. Pilot files will be manually calculated using the official Patriot
Battle Fleet scoring chart for X-Wing. Anyone interested in obtaining a
copy of this chart, can email me to do so.

7. No individual scores will be changed after the deadline! If a report
is submitted that is never received at the report address given above,
it will not be added after the deadline. Neither will the PBF CO accept
a late pilot file. The only thing that can be changed after the
deadline are errors made by the Command Staff.

8. There is a Fleet Wide competition based on this tour. Every pilot
submitting a valid report will receive 1 merit point. The pilot with
the best overall score for the mission will be awarded the PBF Medal of
Victory, along with receiving 5 points in the PBF Merit System. In
addition participating members from the squadron with the best overall
combined score will receive 5 merit points in addition to "Top
Squadron" bragging rights. Also, the pilot with the top score for each
squadron (excluding the winning squadron, and Top Gun) will receive 3
PBF merit points. The reporting members of the Squadrons in 2nd and 3rd
places will get 2 PBF merit points. The Pilot who receives the Mission
Report Medal for the best Narrative will receive 5 merit points.
*Note* In the event that the Top Pilot for the mission also happens to
be in the Top Squadron he may only receive the 5 Merit Points for one
or the other. Same thing applies to each squadron Top Gun and 2nd and
3rd place squadrons.

9. Mail problems including undelivered mail and corrupted *.plt files
are not the responsibility of the PBF command staff. If your *.plt file
becomes corrupted and you do not include a written accounting, then
your score will be counted as "0".

10. If a pilot retires from the PBF at any time during the course of an
active mission after having submitted a report, his report will no
longer count for his former squadron. He will still receive credit for
running the mission, but will be listed as "Independent". If a former
member of the PBF submits a mission report without "rejoining" a
Squadron, the score will be listed as "Independent".

11. If a pilot transfers from one PBF squadron to another (such as
attaining a squadron CO position) during the course of an active
mission after having submitted a report, his report will will now count
towards the newfound squadron.

12. Flying/Incentives

A) For every squad that reports at 75%(70% if fewer than 12 Pilots), a
ribbon will be awarded for that mission. This ribbon will be a small
graphic that can be added to pilot uniforms.

B) For every squad that reports at 100%, the same mission ribbon will
be offered, as well as an additional merit point for the mission.

C) When the Fleet reports at 75% or higher, each participating pilot
will recieve 2 Merit Points for that mission.



Brigadier General Fion "Zero" Grell
Patriot Battle Fleet Executive Officer


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