Rebel Squadrons

IBG NL 08.04.03

By GEN Garrik "Face" Loran
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, Aug 04, 2003
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-Message From CO
-Mission Status

-Message From CO-

Well, Acting CO anyways. I'm Lieutenant General Garrik Loran and I am the Acting CO of the IBG. We've had alot happening in the last week. Alot of changes. So let's get on with it.


       First and foremost, since its the most important. Former IBG Commanding Officer Brigadier General Gabrich Varmer has resigned from his command position due to Real Life taking a turn for the better. And this gives him little time to commit to being in command of the IBG. I wouldn't doubt it being a difficult decision to resign. And hope that his RL continues to be good to him. But no one need worry about him being gone, he'll still be flying with us.

       With the resignation of Gabrich. This leaves the IBG CO spot open. The Fleet Commander, Rahj Tharen, has sent an email out requesting applications from those interested in commanding the Intrepid Battle Group. Everyone should have gotten this email. If not, ask your Squadron CO for it.

       Captain Bo Wiseman resigns from Nightwolf CO and in his place is Lieutenant Reabelation. I hope Nightwolf will improve even further with Reabel as CO. Good Luck.

-Mission Status-

Well, we had some interesting action with this mission. Dagger won it with Nightwolf in second place. Wildcard came dead last. I blame this on myself as well as a few others not flying when we could have. I couldn't even pass the mission on hard after maybe half a dozen tries. And I waited to the last minute to fly it too. So, learn from me. Start out early on the next one. Anyways, below are the final standings.

Rank Pilot/Commando Kills Score Squad Status
1. COL Mystic Warrior 36 14,591 NightWolf Squadron
2. GEN Tyrell "Spokes" Borran 41 14,535 Dagger Squadron
3. 2LT Richo 32 14,176 Draco Squadron
4. CMDR Himm El-Syna 39 14,173 Dagger Squadron
5. 1LT Red bandit 32 13,423 Phalcun Squadron
6. CMDR Chris Horn "Kicks" 35 11,637 Wildcard Squadron
7. BGN Gabrich Varmer 26 10,813 Phalcun Squadron
8. BGN Licah Fox 24 10,759 Phalcun Squadron
9. CMDR Dev Azzameen 25 10,676 Stinger Squadron
10. 1LT Djapana 26 9,725 Draco Squadron
11. GEN Bluejay Farscape 23 8,802 Dagger Squadron
12. BGN Xtremegene 22 8,761 Stinger Squadron
13. CPT Avel Hava 22 8,400 Draco Squadron
14. CPT Kresa Rei'de 15 8,110 Dagger Squadron
15. 1LT Reabelation 20 7,961 NightWolf Squadron
16. MAJ Ton Matty 18 7,653 Dagger Squadron
17. CPT Bo Wiseman 17 7,414 NightWolf Squadron
18. 1LT Darkslime 14 7,117 NightWolf Squadron
19. LCL Talon Starblazer 16 6,554 Wildcard Squadron
20. COL Leonard Cable 19 6,294 NightWolf Squadron
21. CMDR Rakiki 15 6,086 Phalcun Squadron
22. 1LT jmcgoo 19 5,921 Draco Squadron
23. CMDR Daron Lochek 18 5,344 Dagger Squadron
24. 1LT James "Nightwolf" Davidson 13 4,901 Wildcard Squadron
25. MGN Javin "Entropy" Ke'ylle 6 4,746 Stinger Squadron
26. CPT Raistlin 0 0 Dagger Squadron

Rank Squad Kills Score Reports
1. Dagger Squadron 154 58,617 7
2. NightWolf Squadron 106 43,377 5
3. Phalcun Squadron 97 41,081 4
4. Draco Squadron 99 38,222 4
5. Stinger Squadron 53 24,183 3
6. Wildcard Squadron 64 23,092 3

Since the Medals System is still down I'll have to award medals later on. Merits will be updated within the next couple days.


Other than myself being promoted to Lieutenant General. I haven't heard of any others. Or any medals being awarded. Of course that system is down... Squadron CO's and Wing CO's. If you perform a promotion and wish for it to be in the Fleet NL. Please send an email to myself and the IBG SO.


I'm tired and I want to goto bed. Next mission will hopefully be released within a week. If not, I'll have to go crack some skulls over at the ITOD Team's Home. But, you guys got the IBG's League of Interpersonal Competition. Get some MP practice there. And the InterClub Training Night on Saturdays. So I suggest either flying in those, or simply taking a break and visit some nice worlds like Commenor, or Bespin. Do some gambling. Hehe

LGN Garrik "Face" Loran
IBG XO(Acting CO)


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