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[RF] Newsletter 080703

By FA Dave Trebonious-Astoris
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Fleet NL, Aug 08, 2003
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Greetings Redemption Members,

Well, this month has been an interesting one. Like the last newsletter, this one unfortunately starts off by noting that the fleet has had another important resignation. My XO, LGN Ben Jynzer, has stepped down and left a vacuum up here in the RF Command Staff. As I noted in the special fleetwide email that followed his resignation, he will be greatly missed, but I do need a replacement XO. I'm still accepting applications for that position, so send yours in ASAP!

As far as other news goes, Redemption Fleet is soldiering on in a predictable way. Vanguard Wing remains very active as those of us who own Star Wars: Galaxies continue to better ourselves and the virtual world we live in. Some interesting ideas for improving VW have been noted on our SWG bbs, and those should be coming out soon.

Retribution Wing continues to do well under RA Vender's leadership. The current mission out is 8.01, so TIE pilots, go fly today!

The Allegiance Wing is getting better each day. Recently LCL Zak Ciredik awarded several members of his command staff for the great jobs that they have been doing. Sounds like things are looking up in the AW, so if simming is your thing, join (or rejoin)!

Ghost Squadron is moving along with its storyline, and the group seems to be doing well.

Finally, SWAT has received a new CO in the person of Captain Tay Lothain. Commander Kale Petosky was forced to step down by real life issues and will be missed, but I'm sure Tay will do a great job with SWAT!

The webpage has received its usual updates. Nothing special worth mentioning yet, I'm afraid.

As far as awards go, I'd first like to note that former RFXO Ben Jynzer has received the Distinguished Service Cross from our Fleet Commander. Congrats Ben, it's definitely deserved!

I would like to recognize one other special RF member for their great work. Ever since this person took over the command of his division in the RF, that division has been doing better and better. He is a great guy and knows how to honor his subordinates, but at this time I think he also deserves to be honored. It is my distinct pleasure to promote Zak Ciredik, AW CO, to the rank of full Colonel! Congrats Zak, and thanks for all your work on behalf of Allegiance Wing!

CLASSIFIEDS: Obviously, I'm looking for an RFXO, as noted above. Please email me if you are interested.

That's it for this month, thank you all for reading! Stay tuned, as I hope to announce a new RFXO fairly soon!

Reach for the stars, and you will find that you can often catch them!

Dave "Raptor" Trebonious-Astoris
Fleet Admiral

-Redemption Fleet CO
-Member of the High Command
-Member, Naboo Squadron (VW)
-Member, Paladin Squadron (STC)
-Former RS Fleet Commander

(The Excellency of Service, awarded by MO Mike Bullian)
|//Oo\\| (The Tatooine Suns, awarded by MO Ben Jynzer)
||U|| (The Kessel Kup, awarded by FC Castor)
*VII* (Seven Year Veteran Service Medal)

"This is our last chance at redemption." -Hammond


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