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Durandal Knights NL

By COL Aidyn Wolfwood
Unit: Commando Division
Wing NL, Aug 13, 2003
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Greetings members of Durandal Knights, how are you all doing? :P

Anyways..before I begin, I first would like to apologise for lack of activity, which was caused by computer problems, virus problems, and that cursed 8.0 DirectX not working for JK...

Now that everything has been resolved, I would like to start anew once more, and attempt to get things going once again. So I am sending this NL a little early. This NL will also serve as an AWOL Check. If you want to remain in Durandal, please send me a personal email BEFORE September first. I will take emails until August 31st, Midnight Central Time. After midnight, no other emails will be accepted, and you will be placed AWOL.

Now..onto business. As most of you know, this week is the JK WoW. And as Corran stated, almost none have shown up, so I highly encourage most of you to try and make it at least 1 day, if possible. I, myself, will try to attend Thursday and Friday.

1. Situations
Well, though I dont like to say it, the RSCD is in a slight slump at the current time, and risks falling from Fleet Status. And from reports I recieved, very few of you have gone to any events, or the ICTE. In light of this, I highly encourage you to attend any events or matches you can. Also because of that, I have desided to set up Training Events for Durandal, Every other Saturday, beginning the second saturday in September. I will also try and schedule matches against other clubs, and will send out a Mini-NL, once I have several set up over the next month.

2. Durandal Knights XO And Luminaire CO
This is the main thing we need to begin to cover. Over the next few periods of matches and training events, I will begin evaluations of members and players to try and determine possible canidates for XO/Lum CO. Several requirements I will state, are as follows: Active Playing, Positive Attitude, Dependable, and Reliable. There will be other areas I will be watching in, that I want to keep hidden for the time being. You will know them when the time is right. :P

3. Foxfire and Luminaire
Another thing we need to cover, is the two squadrons Foxfire and Luminaire. For the training matches to work out right, the two squadrons will need to be in 'Even' numbers. As so, I will participate for Foxfire. I will need an email stating which Squadron you would like to be in, or if you would like to remain in Foxfire. Should there be a over-fill for either, the last repliers will be situated around automatically to even out the squadrons.

4. Squadron Internet Officers
It's also about time we began on the Squadron Websites. Anyone can apply for this, even non-Durandal members. Because of how busy Durandal IO Jagged Drayson is, I have desided to give him leyway, and just have him handle the Primary Durandal Site. If anyone is interested in being IO for Foxfire or Luminaire, contact me as soon as possible. Image Skills are reccomended, but not required, and a vivid knowledge of HTML, PHP is a must.

Besides that, I think that covers just about everything...if there's anything I left out, I will be sure and add it to the next NL, which will be sent after the AWOL check, to list out who was listed AWOL, and who was not. Anyways...catch you on the flip side. B-)

Maj. Aidyn Wingweaver Wolfwood
Durandal Knights CO


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