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LIC NL Round five 08.26.03

By COL Reabel
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, Aug 26, 2003
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LIC Newsletter

Round 5 is now over, and Im here to award the medals to the people who deserve them.


- The winner of the Gold Gun This round Is Lt. Andy Skyfighter, with 1003 points in the end. Congratulations!

- The winner of the Silver Gun this round is LGN Garrick "Face" Loran with 1002 points. Well Done!

*****- The Bronze gun shall given to LCL Himm El-Syna, with 1001 points. Well Done!

*****- There are two winners of the Bravery Medal this time around, Lt. Andy Skyfighter, and I both with 3 matches

*****= there was one tied match between Adam Fene and I , but does not count due to the fact that it was just a test.

No activity this round.

Thanks to every pilot that participated, hopefully the activity will keep up the next few rounds.

Lt. Reabelation
Nightwolf CO

P.S. sorry for the lateness.


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