Rebel Squadrons

RgF NL, September 8, 2003

By VA Gavin Cantorph Kravis
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Fleet NL, Sep 08, 2003
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Location: Briefing Room on board the MC-90 Ad Astra

Rear Admiral Kravis takes the podium, still adorned in his work uniform that had obviously been worn for quite some time now. The audience was equally clad, with similar looks of exhaustion. A few were even attempting to sleep in the none too comfortable chairs that were issued to the briefing room. Not wanting to make his pilots wait any longer than necessary, RA Kravis dimmed the lights and got right to the point.

“Good Evening Pilots, thank you for coming, let’s get right to it.” He took a moment to look over some notes on his podium. “Excellent work earlier today, we managed to make the VSD ‘Desperado’ withdraw, but not before doing us some damage. The ‘Peacemaker’ will be under repairs for some time I’m afraid, and is going into mothballs as a museum of sorts. We’ve put in requests for the next few capitol ships off the line to be transferred to Guardian to replace the ‘Peacemaker’. Additionally we’ve reassigned a number of vessels and squadrons, so please make note of the new assignments. I’m going to let LGN Sconn report on the results of our mission now.”

RA Kravis took a seat on the stage allowing LGN to take the stand. Sconn cracked his neck momentarily before beginning. “As RA Kravis already mentioned, you all did very well in ousting the Imps earlier today; however, some of you deserve some special recognition. BGN Nabbirie, excellent job taking the point in our operation, you are indeed a model on the battlefield, keep it up. We had some problems getting all of our fighters to the scene, but Jedi Squadron managed to get 5 of her pilots on hand, which no doubt turned the tide of the Imperial Assault. The Captain of the Corvette you guys saved sent over a case of ale that had been stored aboard, so enjoy.” Sconn caught the eye of a few pilots who would be consuming more than their fair share of that ale, including one RgF SO. “I’d like to thank those that have already turned in their after action reports, especially MGN Wes Belden. You’re report was very specific and will be useful as we analyze the battle. I believe MGN Ke’ylle has something to add?” LGN Sconn looked over to ‘Entropy’ and upon receiving a nod in answer, moved aside.

MGN Ke’ylle approached the podium, then bypassed it to get ‘in the face of the pilots’. “Get your rest now boys and girls, we interrogated those imp pilots we picked up and know the resupply point of the ‘Desperado’. So we’re hyping over there ASAP. Also…” He checked a note in his datapad momentarily. “…Twilight, Jedi, and Exodus Squadron COs as well as DOW CO, consider yourselves on probation for failing to tender your unit reports. If you can’t manage to turn in a measly report, then what business do you have being in command? I’m sure there are a number of pilots under your command who would love the chance to test their leadership abilities. Those of you who are now on probation will be visited by one of the CS soon for a full evaluation, pray that I’m not the one visiting. Boss?” ‘Entropy’ turned to RA Kravis who took the stand a final time.

“Thanks boys.” RA Kravis said to his CS. “As you are all aware, we are currently in an election process to determine a new FC, as FC Tharren is retiring from his post next week. Please give whoever is the new FC your full support. Also, this Thursday will mark the anniversary of two events. One is the second year anniversary of the Terrorist Attacks in New York, DC, and Pennsylvania. Please take some time to remember those lost in this tragic event. This Thursday also marks the second year anniversary that I have been the Commanding Officer of this fine fleet. We’ve done an amazing job these two years and I want to thank all of you for your devotion, keep it up! Does anyone have anything to add?” RA Kravis took this time to address questions or news from the audience.


Alright Pilots, if you have anything, now would be the time to let me know. Post here on the BBS or send me an email to forward to the fleet. I listed all of our Top positions (pilots and squad) in my SL, so I won’t list them again, well done though. The next installment of our ITOD will be posted on the ITOD DB shortly. If you have any comments or criticisms of the current missions, I’m sure Cable would like to hear them so he can tailor the missions to what you want. We can use anyone who would like to assist in mission planning or construction, so send us an email. I’ve made the decision not to award the MRM for 210 or 211, but as you have read Giz gets it for 301. If I’ve forgotten anything, Sconn or Ent will say so.

RgF 302 will be due on October 3rd at midnight, so don’t delay. It’d be really awesome to see some 100% participations from Squads, Wings, or even the fleet. I may even be able to get back home and find my XvT CDs (Ya I left them by mistake) to get the 100%.

The ICTE is still ongoing every Saturday at 4pm, so if you want some MP flying, that’d be the place as the WoWs are all together dead. I’m waiting until the end of the FC election process to set up a MP competition with some of the other clubs for just XvT, so if anyone wants to assist with this, send an email.

Finally, I heard some people wanted a new campaign (extremely fun if done well) to play. If a group of you want to get together and create a campaign then go for it, there will be some rewards in it I assure you.

As for awards, at this time, other than mission awards, I’m not giving anything out.

Thanks for listening in to this edition of the RgF NL, dismissed.



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