Rebel Squadrons

Intrepid Battle Group NL 9.17.03

By GEN Garrik "Face" Loran
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, Sep 17, 2003
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Mission Narrative
Mission Info

-IBG 305 Narrative-

Lieutenant General Garrik Loran sat at his desk aboard the Mon Cal Cruiser Rebel Fist. His right hand covered his eyes. He was tired. Hadn't had much sleep. And non-stop work since the resignation of the previous Fleet CO. He knew it was coming, but still hadn't prepared for it.
A beeping from his comm terminal slowly got his attention. Garrik pressed a blinking blue button. "General Loran, what is it?" The voice on the other end was the Rebel Fist communications officer. "Sir, receiving transmission from Command. Flagged urgent." "Great... Forward it here." "Yes Sir." Garrik watched the transmission progress until it finished. "Not a comm transmission." It was a file. Garrik accessed the file and read over the information. "New orders, good. Been getting kinda quiet around here."
Garrik rose from his chair and grabbed his uniform jacket and walked out of his office. He made his way to the bridge of the Rebel Fist.
Upon arriving at the bridge, the comm officer turned towards him. "Sir, receiving communications transmission from the lead ship in the refugee convoy. Requesting permission to head out." General Loran nodded. "Permission granted, dispatch Stinger Squadron to cover them until they reach the second stage in their trip." The comm officer nodded and turned to his console.
"Comms, after your finished with the refugees, send a transmission to all elements of the Fleet to rendevous with us at the Vectain System." "Yes Sir."
Garrik stood near the viewports for a moment watching elements of the fleet manuever. A squadron of A-wings suddenly came into view and headed towards the refugee convoy. The color scheme was Stinger's. Garrik waited until Stinger and the convoy jumped into hyperspace before leaving the bridge.


Yea I know, narrative was short. It should be longer next time. Anyways, on to the news. Currently the IBG is without a Fleet CO. The Fleet Commander has asked for applications. The due date for applications is Sept. 26th. Anyone that hasn't commanded at the Wing level or higher shouldn't apply. You can if you wish but your chances will probably be next to none.
Titan Wing CO is also open. I'm accepting applications for the position until this Friday. Which is Sept. 19th. You should list past commands, what you plan to do if your chosen as Titan CO, and anything else you feel would be important for me to know.
New Fleet Commander if you haven't heard. Rear Admiral Gavin Cantorph Kravis took the reigns of the RS earlier this week. Congrats to him.
Dagger Squadron received a new CO. Captain Kresa Rei'de was given command of Dagger after LCL Himm El-syna resigned from the position. He stepped down and is now just a regular old pilot.


Tyrell "Spokes" Borran, a pilot in Dagger, was promoted to Rear Admiral by Admiral Rahj Tharen. For his service to the Patriot Battle Fleet and to the Rebel Squadrons.
Licah Fox, a member of Phalcun, was promoted to Major General by Admiral Tharen. For his accomplishments and service to the Rebel Squadrons as its Internet Officer.
Mystic Warrior, a pilot in Nightwolf, was promoted to Brigadier General by Admiral Tharen. For his service to the RS as the first Training Officer.
Reabelation, CO of Nightwolf, was promoted to Captain by Colonel Leonard Cable. For his outstanding command of Nightwolf and his leadership in the IBG's multiplayer activities.

I know of some medals that need to be awarded, but I'll have to do that later in the week. As well as update the merits for last mission. So don't worry, I am thinking of all that.

-Mission Info-

Misson Five of Tour Three is released and will be due October 15th. You can download it from the ITOD Database. Finally we got something to fly. So let's see how the Fleet does for this mission. Fly fast and shoot straight.

LGN Garrik "Face" Loran


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