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Dragon Squadron Newsletter

By GEN Daryus Zalyn`Cya
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Squadron NL, Sep 18, 2003
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Greetings pilots,

First I want to welcome the new members of Dragon squadron, whom were transfered from the de-activated Wyvern Squadron. You bring our squad to near capacity, and as a result, I expect great things to happen for us!


New Pilots -

The following pilots have been assigned to Dragon Squadron:

Dragon 7: 1LT Torin Cloudhopper (LOA)
Dragon 8: CPT Corut Po'Col
Dragon 9: LCL Chris Horn "Kicks" (Squad and Wing Second Officer)
Dragon 10: BGN Topachea Nabbirie
Dragon 11: 1LT Rasori Lupumator
Dragon 12: GEN Richard Gross (Guardian Wing Commanding Officer)

Kicks was a former member who has returned to the flock! Welcome All!

Promotions -

LCL Chris Horn "Kicks" as been promoted to the position of Second officer, Dragon Squadron
Corut Po'Col is promoted to the rank of Captain by Gen Gross

Medals -

CMDR Daryus Zalyn'Cya has been awarded the Excellence of Duty medal by Retiring FC RA Rahj Tharen


RgF 3.02 has been released. You can download this mission using this link (
Here is the Dragon pilots current rankings:

2. LCL Chris Horn "Kicks"             39 30,340 Dragon Squadron
6. CPT Corut Po'Col                         28 19,600 Dragon Squadron
8. CMDR Daryus Zalyn`Cya       23 16,780 Dragon Squadron

Here is the Total Squad Ranking:

                                                            Kills       Points       Reports
1. Dragon Squadron                   90       66,720             3
2. Resurrection Squadron       56       49,920             2
3. Jedi Squadron                         31       42,970             1
4. Ragnarok Squadron             43       38,595             2
5. Red Dragon Squadron       14       16,960             1
6. Twilight Squadron                   14       14,580             1
7. Wyvern Squadron                   0 0
8. Griffon Squadron                   0 0
9. Rapier Squadron                   0 0
10. Phantom Squadron             0 0
11. Marshall Squadron             0 0
12. Exodus Squadron                  0 0

And the Wings standings:

Rank      Wing                                                 Kills                   Score                   Reports
1.             Scorpion Wing                               99                   88,515                         4
2.             Guardian Wing                              104                   81,300                         4
3.             Defense Operations Wing       45                        59,930                         2
4.             Havoc Wing 0 0


Here are your flights and their commanders:

Shadow Flight - Daryus
Talon Flight - David
Phire Flight - Kicks


There are several ways to keep in touch with the goings on and other flight/squad members:

Our yahoo site - Be sure to join the site. We use this site to load up Dragon's TOD missions that are designed by the XO.

IRC - You can visit the #Guardian_Wing on the undernet as well as the newly established #Dragon_Squadron room. YOu can usually catch me in one of the two places, you be sure to stop in.

Messenger - The Messenger of choice for Dragon is the MSN version. This can be downloaded here: . This is another easy way to stay in touch.

You can also just end me or the XO an email at : Daryus_Zalyn' &


The XvT WoW is starting tomorrow. Be sure to register with if you haven't already done so. the Event is being played on the ZoneLan DirectPlay: The ICTE also takes place this saturday on the #outerrim of the undernet, starting at 4pm EST. Merit points are awarded for each match played, regardless of the outcome. Be sure to send a screen shot in jpg format to myself, as I am also the OO, and I will take care of the rest.


Dragon has a online based novel that you are more than welcome to contribute to. This novel has been around for almost a year now. You can view the completed chapters here:

RA Gavin Cantorph Kravis has been appointed as the new FC, replacing the retired RA Rahj Tharen.

Lieutenant General Sienn "Morningstar" Sconn is promoted to the position of RgF Commanding Officer.

That's all I have for now, pilots, so get out there and have some fun with the new mission! BTW The 4th installment of the Dragon TOD will be released shortly.

CMDR Daryus Zalyn'Cya
Dragon CO
Guardian XO
Dagger 13


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