Rebel Squadrons

[RSCD] NL September 22, 2003

By GEN Corran Horn Jr.
Unit: Commando Division
Fleet NL, Sep 23, 2003
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Since Aidyn feels that having a JK wing is kind of pointless at this
point I would just like to remind everyone that this does not mean you
can't play JK anymore. On the contrary, all it means is that a simple
roster technicality is going to change and that the wings are very
likely to revert to their old multi game formats. Since Aidyn's email
might have suggested otherwise I would like to make something very
clear: WE STILL PLAY JK. :)

I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone who signed up
for the CTF tournament that they are supposed to play :) I suggest
showing up at the ICTE saturday, 4PM EST on #outerrim, and find your
partner and opponents there.
If you haven't played by monday then you probably forfeit the round.

Here is what we would like you to do: Email/talk to your teammate to
determine which day(s)/time(s) will be possible for both, then email
your opponents and relay the message. Then the opponents are off course
supposed to pick the day(s)/time(s) they can play, and off you go :)
You can meet in #RSCD on undernet or pick your own meeting ground.

If you fail to reply to an email informing you of when your opponents
are willing to play, then that probably means you are going to forfeit
the round. I would like to remind everyone that you actually have to
play :P If your opponents aren't willing to play they forfeit.

On a lighter note, the game Jedi Academy has been added to the RSCD's
list of games. Expect to hear more about it soon, for we are still
determining the roster structure :)



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