Rebel Squadrons

RgF NL, 10/6/03

By FA Sienn "The Rot" Sconn
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Fleet NL, Oct 06, 2003
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I. News/Announcements
II. Mission Briefing (303)
III. ITOD Results
IV. Medals/Promotions
V. Closing

I. News:

-RgF 303 is out. It's due on Oct. 31st.
Big thanks to Cable on all the work he's putting into our ITODs.

-Ent has moved the RgF mission reporter form. Please use the link from
the main RgF site:

-Rich is currently working on the next installment in the Zodiac
missions. Our target date is November 1st.

-Squad/Wing COs: I still haven't heard back from you on what nights
would work best for a flight night. Please get this information from
your pilots and get it to me ASAP.

-Congratulations to Major Phil Darkfire! Phil has been selected from
the pool of applicants to become the next RgF Undergrad CO. Congrats
and good luck!

II. Mission Briefing (RgF 3.03)

LGN Sienn Sconn stepped up to the podium on the Ad Astra and addressed
the assembled RgF pilots. "Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. After
the events of our last mission, RS High Command has seen fit for the
RgF to continue its position as the first line of defense against
outside threats. As such, I'm holding in my hand our orders for the
next mission, straight from Admiral Kravis himself. RS Intel has
ascertained the possibility of a larger taskforce that the VSD
Desperado may belong to. When the escort carrier Nebula escaped from
us in the last mission, Intel tracked it to a point near the border of
the Binaural sector. Our mission goals are to perform a simple recon
detail on this taskforce and report our findings back to Blerthmore.
Major General Ke'ylle will finish the briefing and General Gross will
act as flight control for this mission. Ent?"

Major General Javin "Entropy" Ke'ylle took the podium as Sconn vacated
it, looking to each of the pilots in turn. "First, I'd like to state,
for the record, that RS Intel is probably an oxymoron." From behind
him, Entropy heard the exasperated sigh of the RgF CO over the snickers
of a few of the pilots. "Seriously though, this mission won't be a
cakewalk. We've captured and refitted an Imperial Assualt Gunboat,
which will be the craft flown for this mission. Each capital ship in
the Desperado taskforce is to be inspected and profiled. Careful
flying is essential so as to not alert the Imps that we've infiltrated
them. Any questions? If not, Rich, it's your show."

General Richard Gross grinned as he took the podium. "Alright, boys
and girls, you heard 'em. Get ready and hit the hangar bays. Due to
the sensitive nature of this mission, NO reinforcements will be
available. Good luck and may the force be with you. Dismissed!"

III. ITOD Results

It is my pleasure to announce the following results of RgF 3.02.

First, the RgF Top Ace honors go Major Talmer Kraablad from Red Dragon
Squadron with a score of 57,490 points!

Next, big props to Dragon Squadron, who'll be taking Top Squad honors
on 3.02 with 7 reports and a combined score of 155,210 points. To
quote Jack Black of Tenacious D, "That's f---ing teamwork!".

Finally, the RgF Mission Report medal goes to Captain James "Nightwolf"
Davidson. I was quite pleased with the turnout of mission reports and
it was a pretty difficult selection this month.

IV. Promotions and Medals

Daaaaamn, we got a lot of these this month, and that's a good thing.
:-) It means you people are doing good work, not just here, but in the
RS as a whole too.

I'd like to award the following medals:

The RgF Medal of Service is hereby awarded to LCL Talon Starblazer on
the recommendation of BGN Chris Earthkeeper for keeping an eye on Havoc
Wing until a proper CO could be found. Congrats, Talon.

The RgF Pilot of the Week (which is more like a Pilot of the Month
now...) is hereby awarded to Major Phil Darkfire for going above and
beyond the call of duty in getting a cadet graduated before he was even
on the Academy command staff. Thanks, Phil.

Now comes the big ones:

1st. Lt. Rahvin, Front and Center: For your activity and dedication in
flying ITOD missions and your activity in Red Dragon Squadron, I hereby
promote you to Captain. Congrats!

Commander Daryus Zalyn'cya, please step forward. Since taking over
command of Dragon Squadron, you have been an exemplary model of
command. When pilots ask me what the role of a squadron CO is, I
consistantly point them to your example. In light of Dragon Squadron's
amazing performance on 3.02 and your work on the Executive Staff, I
hereby promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel! With this rank,
we as a command staff expect bigger things from you and know you'll
meet up to our expectations. Because, of course, we all know you
couldn't have done it alone, I trust your judgement in justly rewarding
the rest of Dragon Squadron for their performance... ;-)

Now, the promotion that's been a long time coming:

Major General Wes Belden, please step forward. Your model of service
in the Renegade Fleet has set a high standard for all of us to look up
to. On the recommendation of former RF CO FA Dave Trebonius-Astoris,
it is my supreme pleasure to promote you to the rank of Lieutenant
General! Congrats, Giz! ...and actually, congrats to all of
us....because drinks are on Giz!

V. Closing

Don't have much to say here except for a few reminders:

1) ITOD standings are not finalized until they're released in the RgF
NL. Most of the time, the standings don't change, but in the case of a
score that needs to be investigated or something, the results are not
official until the RgF CS says so. Please do not nominate yourself for
any score-related medals (Top Ace, Top Squad, Top Wing, etc.), the CS
will take care of that. Any other medals though, are fair game, feel
free to nominate your squadmates, COs, etc.

2) Entropy has updated the RgF webpage
( Specifically, he's fixed the ITOD
and IOTOD pages. Now the rules have been clarified and set in stone.
Please review them before you fly 303.

3) I'd like to convey my personal thanks to Talon Starblazer for a
favor he did for me regarding Jedi Academy. Thanks. ;-)

That's it out of me. Good luck and fly 303!

-LGN Sienn "Morningstar" Sconn
Renegade Fleet Commanding Officer


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