Rebel Squadrons

Chiin'Tal NL

By GEN Chris Horn "Kicks"
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Wing NL, Oct 26, 2003
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Chiin'Tal Wing E-mail

I roll out of my bunk and check the data terminal on my desk, ok 0900
hours, ah I slept in a bit today, thats good I'm going to need it.
Niner what time is that Wing briefing? 1000 hours huh, ok I need to
work up the assignments. Ok pilots Chiin'Tal has been assigned a
mission to destroy a few Star Destroyers to be exact 1 ISD and 2 VSD's,
the ones that got away from us last mission when they jumped out too
fast. Titan Wing has been assigned to go after the fanatics base and
we are going after the IMP's.

X-Wings from Dagger will launch here and hyper out with the Kalinga,
Dragon, Resurrection, and the A/FRG Chiin'Tal. Draco and Phalcun will
launch once we arrive in system. Rebel Intel has scored one this time,
they have found that the ISD and the VSD's are awaiting resupply and a
fresh load of Ties, but im sure they have some there to support them.
The Rebel fist and 2 corellian Gunships, Daze and Nova will also arrive
and flank the Star Destroyers. Timing is critical in this mission.
Get to your fighters, Daggers you will launch on Kresa's orders, once
you are ready the rest of Chiin'Tal Wing will follow.

Chiin'Tal NL

1. Current Missions

2. Roster Changes

3. Promos

4. News

5. Activity

6. Wrap Up

1. Current Missions- Ok pilots first things first, I posted a Chiin'Tal
mission on the ITOD files page, this mission is for fun, it is not
required, it is simply a way to have more fun and to stay more active.
I do want everyone to at least try the mission for two reasons, 1 I am
working on my mission making skills and who better to try this out on
but my Wing. 2 I have fun flying the missions and still love XWA so
why not have more ways to fly. You can send the mission scores to me
and I will keep track and announce top squads at the end, it is due the
17th which is the same time the IBG mission is due, also let me know
what you thought of my mission. Next is the IBG mission, it has been
released and is due the 17th ( as i already said), there isnt much time
to fly this time as you may have all seen Himm's NL that we only have 3
weeks so get out there. You can download both from here

2. Roster Changes- I am sad to inform everyone that GEN Bluejay
Farscape has decided to retire from the RS. I would however like to
welcome CDT Carth Onasi as Dagger 13, however i have not heard form him
yet so i fear the worst.

3. Promos- I planned on doing the Promos for Chiin'Tal XO, SO and IO
today but i forgot to forward the applications to myself from my other
email address and now i cant review them right now cause i am at work.
So tomorrow look for a supplemental NL for the Promos for these

4. News- Not much here, except that Face is on LOA, so we all need to
take advantage of Himm while he is ACO, since he comes from Chiin'Tal.
The last mission is over and Dagger and Chiin'Tal won again. The top
three on the last mission were from Chiin'Tal, once again this makes me
most proud. The medals on misson 305 went to:
Gold Wing - Chris, Dagger
Silver Wing - Himm, Dagger
Bronze Wing - Richo, Draco

5. Activity- RS training nights, every Sat on IRC, in #outterim, on any
undernet server. There is also LIC check out the link for more
info. Dont forget the ITOD and now the Chiin'Tal Mission.

6. Wrap up- IBG 306 is out along with Chiin'Tal's Mission. Everyone
say goodbye to BJ he was a legend around here and once a great leader
of the IBG. Promos look for those tomorrow (Mon). Himm is ACO, IBG
305 goes to Dagger and Chiin'Tal Gold Wings go to Me (Woohoo). Make
sure to keep activity up and know what all is available for you.

LCL Chris Horn "Kicks"
Chiin'Tal CO
Dagger 9


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