Rebel Squadrons

RS Events Newsletter - 10/31/03

By GEN Daryus Zalyn`Cya
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Platform NL, Oct 31, 2003
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This is a monthly Events Newsletter that is sent out at the end of each month. In it you will find information, broken down by fleet, for the current TOD's, recent TOD results, as well as any information on Fleet specific events, or Fleet Wide events, such as the ICTE (see below). All information is attained via the homepage of each fleet and/or wing. If information contained within this email is incorrect, please forward corrections to:


Retribution Wing, formerly Retribution Fleet ( R2F ) - Retribution Wing is the old and hardy Retribution Fleet (R2F). Retribution has been temprorarily transferred into Redemption to rebuild and regain its once great status. The R2F is an old unit, based on the exciting premise of using the Empire's weapons against it. Retribution uses the LucasArts game "Tie Fighter.

Vanguard Wing - Vanguard is the newest and hottest division in the fleet. It is based on Star Wars Galaxies, the hot new Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game from LEC and SOE. The current server of choice is the Starsider.

Allegiance Wing, formerly Allegiance Battlegroup ( ABG ) - A real-time simming unit in the Rebel Squadrons. The AW is a close-knit group of friends who sim in IRC chatrooms on the undernet.

Strategic and Tactical Command ( STC) - The Strategic and Tactical Command is home to the Real time strategy games Rebellion and Galactic Battlegrounds. With regular tournaments, on-going ladder competitions and single player campaigns, there is something for every RTS fan. With the release of Galactic Battlegrounds and its expansion, big things are forecasted for this division. The STC also has a unit for the use of the "Fleet Command" SW mod to the game Star Trek: Armada.
Matches for the various platforms are arranged on the Undernet, using the IRC chat program in our own room #RSSTC and the Galactic Battlegrounds group also competes in the Zones Week of War (WoW). WoW dates were unavailable at time of print. No current TOD is listed

PATRIOT BATTLE FLEET ( PBF ) - This fleet uses the game X-Wing, which is a single-player format. The current TOD mission is PBF 5.05. This mission is due on November 23, 2003 at 11:59 p.m. EST. The top ranked pilot for the previous mission was CMDR Daniel Rezmann. Top Squadron was Crimson Squadron, and the top wing went to the Crusader Wing.

REBEL SQUADRONS COMMANDO DIVISION ( RSCD ) - Two Companies strong and containing about eight Squads, the RSCD is one of Fleets in the Rebel Squadrons and carries out a number of commando oriented missions. Dark Forces, Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight, Mysteries of the Sith, and Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast are the main platforms for this fleet. The Jedi Academy has just recently been added to the fleets list of platforms. At the time of print, the WoW information was not available on An update will follow once information becomes available.

THE RENEGADE FLEET ( RgF ) - The RgF flies the X-Wing vs Tie Figther (XvT) game, which is single and multiplayer. The current TOD for the fleet is RgF 3.03, which is due October 31, 2003 23:59:59 EST. The results of the last TOD are:
For top ranked pilot - MAJ Talmer Krablaad. Top ranked Squadron - Dragon Squadron. Top ranked Wing - Guardian Wing. The RgF also participates in the WoW. Information on dates for the next WoW, as well as results will be forwarded soon. There are no current Wing TOD's.

INTREPID BATTLE GROUP ( IBG ) - The IBG uses the X-Wing Alliance (XWA) platform for its missions. The current TOD is IBG 3.06, which is due on November 17th 11:59:59PM EST. The results for the last TOD are as follows: top ranked pilot - LCL Chris Horn "Kicks". Top ranked Squadron - Dagger Squadron. Top ranked Wing - Chiin'tal Wing. As well as the WoW, IBG competes in two other competition structures: IBG Domination League, which is a competition that involves direct one on one or two on two competition in your craft of choice. Wins and Losses are recorded on a ladder to determine a new champion each week. Domination League runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The event site is currently under construction.
The Starfighter Circuit League (SCL) is a competition that involves racing your starfighter through obstacles. The competition lasts 1 month, with a different random race each week. Race times are kept for the hall of fame, and the competition works much like Domination League does as Winners and Losers are kept on a ladder.

AURORA FORCE - A quote from Rear Admiral Indiana Bridger - "We're currently trying to wrest our base back from Imperials in a storyline that came totally out of left field". The divisions of Aurora Force are both operational and organizational. Backlash and Eclipse are the first divisions, with Backlash specializing in the utilization of captured Imperial heavy weapons and Eclipse specializing in the finer points of combat as commandos. Backlash and Eclipse are each divided into squads, which can operate independently of each other if needs be. A third division of Aurora Force in the present-day timeline is Aurora Special Forces, which specializes in black ops. The DareDevils are another division of the Aurora Force.

Inter Club Training Event (ICTE) - Every Saturday beginning at 4 PM EST in
#OuterRim (undernet). Platforms supported are XvT, XWA, JK, JO, JA, GB, and Fleet Command (the Armada II SW Mod). 1 merit point is awarded for each match played, regardless of the outcome. Send a copy of your screenshot, in JPG. format, to the Operations Officer at
Week of War (WoW) - Platforms that support this week long competition are: X-Wing vs TieFighter (XvT), X-Wing Alliance (XWA), Galact.Battlegrounds (GB), Jedi Academy (JA), Jedi Knight (JK), & Jedi Knight II: Outcast (JO). Check the Battlestats Calendar ( for the upcoming dates of the next WoW for the above listed platforms
In order to participate in any WoW event, you must do the following:
Register with, being sure to place RS in front of your RS character name, ie RS_Daryus_Zalyncya, and also join club #2054, which is the RS. Then head over to the MSN Zone, where all games/matches are played. You must register hear as well, using the same name as the one you chose for Battlestats, so that there won't be any issues when reporting matches.

LCL Daryus Zalyn'Cya
Rebel Squadrons Operations Officer


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