Rebel Squadrons

R2F 8.02 Narrative

By COM Leonard Cable
Unit: Retribution Fleet
Wing NL, Nov 16, 2003
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(The vast array of stars, planets, entire galaxies strewn about. Pin
pricks along a black background. Could they possibly stretch on
forever? There must be some end to them, right? Some place where the
universe just abruptly...stops, where the stars and planets
just...vanish. Just complete and utter...darkness. Nothingness.

"Colonel Cable..."

Briefly the Colonel's face contorted into a mask of confusion before he
realized that someone was talking to him. Hazel eyes glanced toward the
source of the voice, staring at the figure for a moment before he
recognized the crewmember.

"Yes, Ensign Dorin?" the Colonel spoke slowly, his train of thought
coming back to him like waves slowly crashing on a beach.

"Here are the reports you asked for from our last encounter with the
Unknown Regions Imperial forces, sir." Slowly the crewman extended a
slender datapad that the Colonel casually took in hand.

"Thank you, Ensign, dismissed," replied Cable, his eyes glancing over
the datapad before he pushed off the rail and stood upright. His empty
left hand brushed a wrinkle from the tunic of his uniform, his right
hand holding the datapad up to mid-chest level so he could read it
thoroughly. A few brisk steps brought him to the navigation station of
the Imperator-class Star Destroyer “Prometheus,” manned by a very
upbeat Calamari officer. “Lieutenant Driina, ETA to hyperspace exit?”

“Six minutes and nineteen seconds, sir.”

“Very well,” responded the Colonel, blue eyes glancing to the various
stations on the bridge, speaking aloud. “Tactical officer, signal all
crew to battle stations. Prepare to raise shields and power turbolasers
the moment we exit hyperspace. Starfighter Coordinator, signal the
interceptors and bombers to prepare for deployment. I want the
Imperials to be caught off guard. Communications, when we exit
hyperspace, signal the “Chains of Justice” to deploy interdiction
field, wide array. We don’t want them getting away too quickly. All
right, people, this is it. It’s now or never. This Warlord will never
know what hit him!” The sound of a few crewmembers cheering rang like
music in the Colonel’s ear. It was a shame that he couldn’t be in a
starfighter like he normally would, but he would make sure the Warlord
was given what he deserved, even if it was on the bridge of a massive
capital ship.


Okay guys, I must apologize profusely for the delay in this mission. I
thought I could produce it myself, but I could not. However, I did find
someone that could, and I would like to recognize Argon for the hard
work he displayed in creating the mission.

Now, this mission is due on Monday, December 15 at 11:59:59 PM EST. It
is attached to this email, and it will be on the ITOD DB tomorrow. If
you have any problems, please send me an email. Thanks for your
patience guys! ":o)

Col. Leonard Cable
-Retribution Wing CO


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