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Vanguard Fleet NL - 12/07/03

By FA Mike "MacMan" McEwen
Unit: Vanguard Fleet
Fleet NL, Dec 08, 2003
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RSPA News - 12/07/03

Greetings Fellow PA members (and special guests)

As I previously discussed in last weeks NL, I have been accepting applications for the various command positions the needs in order to insure the smooth operations of the PA. I would like to extend a personal thanks to everyone who applied. Your interest in helping further the success of the RSPA has been noted, and as you are an integral part of its future success should certainly be appreciated by all. Thank you for stepping forward and answering the call.

With that Said I would like to announce the current command team.

Commanding Officer: MacMan (*acting* - Awaiting approval of the RS High Command)
Executive Officer: Blastfire
Second Officer: Tarisa
Mayors: Kindarin (Of Castoria) & Davidii (Of Horizon)
Internet Officer: Giz
Events Director: Rs'Dan

This new command team will be addressing a number of issues that have gone unresolved since the PA's inception. Make NO mistake, we ARE currently one of the most outstanding "overall" Player Associations. However at the moment I believe we have only achieved a fraction of what we are truly capable of.

Yes, ONLY a fraction. .

Considering this, We should ALL be VERY proud of what we have managed to accomplish thus far. However, We should also note that we have much father to go. The key will be for us not to rush to the end result, but to build upon the sold foundation which we already have. Rest assuredly, that "I" as you commanding officer will continue to do my best to pull us together as a unit to achieve this. This is my Bond to you as the PA's Commanding officer. I know in my heart that together WE can all wear our badge knowing full well that we ARE the best Rebel guild that SWG has to offer! wOOt!

Player City Updates

From: Kindarin, Mayor of Castoria

Castoria (City) 61 citizens, 125 structures. Shuttleport, Bank, Cantina, Cloning Facility, Hospital, 4 mission terminals, 5 skill trainers (until more are voted on for placement). We have one small PA joining us now, the rebel-based FHC (7 members currently). They will all be joining us here through the week...I think 4 are left to join. LA is going to be making a final decision on joining us this week as well, which will boost our numbers approximately by 20. This is, with luck, going to secure our rise to Class V this coming weekend. A Theater will be placed by Tueaday/Wednesday of this week, rounding out the buildings available to a city (we'll have all available in Castoria once it's up). No planned events yet...we're training our focus on the marketplace this week, getting it up and running smoothly to generate revenue...want Castoria to become known as a wonderful place to shop while Dantooine's city life is still new to travelers. Possible events coming...the grand opening of the Marketplace, which we hope to make huge. We're also going to be working on building Castoria up to be a very open, strong rebel city where Imperials will have a hard time getting remotely close to. The ultimate goal is a rebel base here. That's all for now... ":) > --Kin

From: Davidii, Mayor of Horizon Isle

Horizon Isle is currently a strong rank 3 player city with many features. We have 41 citizens right now and thus need an additional 14 in order to get a shuttleport. Horizon now has a beautiful town square that consists of the city hall, the local hospital, the player bank, and the cloning center surrounding a central area. Streetlamps have been placed at key locations throughout the city and make for a nice show at night. A player cantina has also been placed to provide local entertainment. Horizon Isle continues to offer a great and supporting community of dedicated citizens, and the city can only get better as time goes on.

Upcoming Weekly Events

From: Rs'Dan - Events director

Hey everyone ":),

This week we've gone krayt hunting ,one day krayts didnt show up but on the other 2 they did and we got to kill some of them! :) Now this wek, we're going for a badge again, this time a mark one. the Mark of Intellect badge WE'll meet at mos Espa,then go to the waypoints i have to places where it usually spawns, bear in mind that finding the spawn is hard, it may take some time, but after that its an easy and rare badge :)

Times are same as last weeks:
Tuesday: 6:30pm eST
Thursday: 6:30pmeSt
Friday: 6:30 pm EST

Hope to see you all there!!


This week's New Recruits

From: MacMan *acting* - NROD (new recruit orientation director)

We have 11 new faces with us this week!! I would like everyone to extend a warm welcome to the RSPA's newest recruits. They are as follows....

Cheechyyk - 11/29/03
Yagsi Rutra - 11/29/03
Aiobi Icesha - 11/30/03 (welcome back)
Talmer Kra'blaad - 12/01/03
Tenkicho Sama -10/03/03
X'avior Co'epo - 12/04/03
Nicht Nevgar - 12/05/03
Chalobus - 12/05/03
Nivek Evol - 12/06/03
Shineing-Star Girl - 12/06/03
Yali Odinesca - 12/06/03

Welcome to the RSPA Guys and Gals. If there is anything any of you need at all dont hesitate to ask. The takes care of its own! To those that are keeping track, please make sure to update your friends lists!

General RS Related Info

**The club**

The Rebel Squadrons is more than a SWG PA; it's a large, well-established Star Wars-based internet club that has been in existance for over seven years. While Vanguard Fleet, the name of the division that houses our PA, is the newest and most up-and-coming group in the RS, there are many other divisions that support some of the various Star Wars games, such as

Jedi Knight/OutCast/Academy, X-Wing, Tie-Fighter, X-Wing vs. Tie-Fighter, and X-Wing Alliance.

There are also divisions for Role Playing and Fiction writing. To see all that the RS has to offer, visit our homepage at If
you'd like to joinany other part of the RS, we'd be more than happy to have you!


The primary source of real-time communication between all members of the RS is via Internet Relay Chat, or IRC. On the **Undernet** IRC network, many members from our various divisions meet one another to discuss various aspects of not only the RS but their daily lives. The channel (chat room) for the PA is #Vanguard. For more information on what IRC is and how to connect to it and visit our channels, visit We'd like to see as many of you stop by as possible, so drop by sometime.

**Message Board**

The Rebel Squadrons also has a message board for its members to post on. It can be found here: In order to post, you must create a BBS account; to do so, you may click on the "Guest Account Signup" link at the top of the page. Simply fill out the information in the form, and you'll be set up in no time. Note: Members of the RS at-large (i.e, those who have official RS-Roster profiles) don't need a Guest Account - you can login using your roster information.

(Note: Thank you Blastfire for compiling this info)


Thats all for now!

Fleet Admiral MacMan McEwen
RSPA - Commanding Officer

"There is no ME before WE"


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