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Aurora Force Newsletter - December 18, 2003

By ADM Indiana Bridger
Unit: Aurora Force
Fleet NL, Dec 18, 2003
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Sorry it’s been so long since you guys received one of these – I got as lost in the storyline as you did, on top of being busy with the semester’s work (yeah, overfull loads suck). I’m back now, though, and I’m going to promise everyone a little bit of downtime before the shit hits the fan again. Cheer now, or keep reading – your call.

Fleet News:
Storyline Update: Unless I’m mistaken, the base is once again in our hands, as are a vast majority of the cities on the surface of Xenen. Our fleet, parts of which was originally getting hammered by Imperial forces, got their bacon pulled out of the fire by forces from the reserve fleets coming in from Golgan III. Lieutenant Colonel Trosa Aldair is currently on Ketaris, and so is traitor Walex Parjita, who has shown his true colors and turned out to be an Imperial agent that infiltrated the fleet somehow (how, exactly, he maintained his cover, and if he really did maintain his cover, remains to be seen). Fleet Commander Indiana Bridger and fleet XO Carlos DeLong have returned to Xenen and are currently leading elements of the 58TH New Republic Commandos and the 1ST Elite Commando Team (ECT) of the Aurora Force Fleet Command.

Orders: All squadrons not currently engaged in active combat are to return to the Aurora Force base outside of Quis. The next “Red Echo” post from Carlos should set this up for you. Sorry about all the delays and such – we’re hoping the next mission will run much more smoothly and with far less confusion.

Additional Orders: All those people who are captured or are otherwise unable to return to base: PLEASE E-MAIL ME SO WE KNOW WHO WE HAVE AND WHO WE DON’T. THIS WILL HELP US IN OUR PLANNING OF THE NEXT MISSION. Thank you.

Subsections Update:
Nothing to update, as all subsections are very quiet. Shall we see what we can do about that sometime soon, ladies and gentlemen?

Open Command Positions:
We currently have several positions open on the roster, the most notable being Lightning Squadron CO. If your character is a fighter pilot (or you’d like to have them learn in a very creative way) and you are interested in leading the squadron, please contact Janet Skyy, myself, and Carlos DeLong with an application. Additionally, we are seeking a commander for Indigo Skies, which essentially means that you’ll be in charge of those individuals who will be keeping new members of the fleet in line. Contact myself and Carlos DeLong with applications.

High Command Activity Update:
We’re currently discussing the join form/test issue and whether or not the test is really necessary. More updates later – we hope to be voting on the issue soon. If you’ve got an opinion or an idea that you would like expressed to High Command, please let me know.

Medals, Promotions and Other Honors:
I have none of these things to mete out at this time. Stay tuned for further updates.

New People:
I’m sure many of you have noticed that we have quite a few new people joining the fleet. I hope to write a post soon that will get most of them that are not already on Xenen (of which I believe Jazz is the only one) to Xenen. Please welcome them and give them all the help you can. Members of Indigo Skies, feel free to help these poor, lost souls in finding their way through their first few months in the fleet. Thanks for sticking around, for those of you who have been waiting for your opportunities to get in on the action. Your patience is deeply appreciated.

Miscellaneous notes:
I’ve been thinking about revising the writing guidelines for the fleet. Anyone with an opinion on this subject can feel free to e-mail me or the command staff with issues. The current guidelines can be found on the Aurora Force web site.
For those of you who have been confused, lacking information on various areas within the Kartuiin Sector, please refer to the Kartuiin Sector Conflict Operations Center @ It is currently under reconstruction, but much of the information that you may need is already there. Information that you don’t see there and you think is necessary? E-mail me.
Join us in #AuroraForce, AF’s official chat room on IRC’s Undernet. We’re trying to bring back the nice tradition we once had of freeform roleplaying. This roleplaying does not necessarily have anything to do with currently running storylines in the Aurora Force, and the rules tend to be a little more lax than in posting storyline. This is NOT like the ABG, there are no character sheets, no stats, no dice, no real GMs. Feel free to help us revive the tradition of freeform in #AuroraForce, where all things tend to start at the officer’s lounge on Aurora Force’s base and snowball from there.
All Jedi MUST REGISTER with the Aurora Force Jedi Council. If you fail to register and have your talents approved by the Jedi Council, you face possible sanctions. I MEAN IT. Send applications to Trosa Aldair and myself for review by the Jedi Council. A format is available upon request (and upon my finding it).

If I’ve missed anything terribly important in this newsletter, I’m sure my command staff will bring it to my attention before too long. Please feel to contact me with questions, etc etc if you have any. Good luck with your finals, if any of you are still wrestling with those, and have happy holidays.

~ Rear Admiral Indiana Bridger, Aurora Force CO


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