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IBG NL 01.04.04

By GEN Garrik "Face" Loran
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, Jan 04, 2004
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Intrepid Battle Group Newsletter 01.04.04

-Mission Report/Awards-Promotions
-Open Commands


      Well, it's a new year and all is quiet in the RS. HC voted on the removal of the join test. Which will hopefully aid in bringing in more pilots.
      If your Squadron CO's haven't informed you, the IBG Command Staff has assigned each squadron a specific fighter to be used for storyline purposes for now. Listed below is what each squadron's fighter assignment is.

Dagger - X-wing
Wildcard - X-wing
Draco - X-wing
Nightwolf - B-wing
Phalcun - A-wing
Stinger - A-wing


      IBG 4.01 we had 19 reports. 48% of the active fleet. We need to work on getting in those reports. Though I can't complain much about that since I didn't report myself. That'll be different this month. Hopefully it will be the same for those that didn't fly either. Anyways, onto awards.

      First up is our highest scoring pilot for 4.01. Captain Richo with a score of 5,255 took first place and I'm happy to award someone else other than the regulars the IBG Gold Wings. Congratulations and keep it up.

      Next pilot is someone that always seems to be in the top three. Admiral Borran with a score of 5,210 takes second place and is awarded the IBG Silver Wings. Congrats to you Admiral.

      And for third place, General Xtremegene with a score of 3,351 is awarded the IBG Bronze Wings. And no matter how much paint or polish you put on it, they won't look like them Gold Wings, I've tried. It never worked.


      None that I know of, if you CO's have done a promotion please inform me so that I may include it in the Fleet NL every month.


      The IBG currently has a few command positions open. Start with the wing positions and first up is Titan Wing. The Commanding Officer position is open for Titan, anyone that feels they are qualified for this position please send an application to myself and Himm. You don't have to be in Titan Wing to apply, but if your chosen you will have to transfer to one of the three squadrons.

      Next is the... Hmm, well guess their aren't a few command openings. Well that's a plus.


      It's a new year so lets see what the IBG can accomplish. Let's try and wipe out some of the black spots on our record and get activity up. IBG 4.02 is attached and is due Januaray 31st. So get flying.

LGN Garrik "Face" Loran - ***
Intrepid Battle Group Commanding Officer
Wildcard 9 - Wild Jokers Flight
Crusader Wing Internet Officer
Gold 4


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