Rebel Squadrons

R2F 8.03 and Narrative

By COM Leonard Cable
Unit: Retribution Fleet
Fleet NL, Jan 08, 2004
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Hey, guys, General Cable here. I apologize profusely for the long delay in sending out this mission. I agree that a month is way too long for you guys to wait, and it is entirely my fault. The holidays crept up on me, as did finals, and I just pushed all RS matters aside. However, the mission is FINALLY done. I would like to thank Argon for giving his time to construct the mission. I do have some business I want to take care of first, though.

About R2W 8.02, I was very disappointed in the lack of participation in the mission. We only had eight pilots fly, which is less than 25% of the Wing. Now, look, I understand that it was finals time, and you had to prepare, but I expect more from you guys than this. I will give out awards.

Although LCL Azzameen had the highest score, he did not pass the mission, meaning that MGN Licah Fox is our Top Gun for 8.02, with a score of 37,673 and 30 kills. The winner of the Mission Report Medal for 8.02 goes to MGN Bethan Leitbur. Skull Squadron had the best turnout, with 3 reports. Wraith and Hydra Squadrons both had two reports, and Shadow Squadron had one report.

Okay, now, I have been informed that Skull Squadron is still missing a CO and XO. I will be taking applications for the position. You may send all applications to Thanks, guys, and good hunting!

R2W 8.03: Forging an Alliance

“General Cable, you have an incoming message from the Strike Cruiser ‘Redeemer.’ It’s the leader of the Abandon forces.”

“Very well, Ensign. Transfer it to my office. Lieutenant Driina, you have the bridge.”

A few brisk steps brought the General into his office aboard the Imperator-class Star Destroyer “Prometheus,” tapping the button to close the door so he can have a private conversation. Upon sitting into the chair behind his desk, he tapped a number of buttons in sequence, bringing up the face of the Abandon forces’ leader. He was a very clean-cut individual, clad in the standard olive-green Imperial Naval uniform, sans insignia plate.

“Greetings, General. My name is Captain Arlen Soban. My forces and I have had enough of the oppression dealt by the Warlord, and we’d like to propose…a truce.”

“A truce, you say?” A brown-colored eyebrow rose above the General’s blue eye, obviously interested in what the Captain had to say. The Warlord obviously had plenty of forces in this sector of the Unknown Regions, and any help was welcome…as long as it was reliable help. “How can I be sure you won’t just betray us to the Empire?” the General replied, crossing his arms as he waited for a response.

“Well, General, if I wanted to betray you, you would have half a dozen ISDs surrounding you already. What I suggest is that we meet on neutral grounds. You choose the coordinates and send them to me one hour before our meeting. One of our shuttles will fly to your capital ship and dock, and one of your shuttles will fly to us and dock. You may have one flight group escort the shuttle, and one only. We will do the same.”

General Cable began thinking the situation in his head. Once, then twice, then a third time, trying to see if there were any flaws in the plan. “Okay, Captain, the plan is sound, but I want an additional flight group patrolling the region while the transfer is taking place. If you will allow that, then I will agree to the meeting.”

The seconds seemed like hours as the General awaited Soban’s reply. Finally, the Captain opened his mouth, uttering the word that would either make or break this agreement:


BGN Leonard Cable
-Retribution Wing CO


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