Rebel Squadrons

[RSCD] Jedi Knight Week of War

By GEN Corran Horn Jr.
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Narrative, Jan 09, 2004
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The Jedi Knight Week or War(WoW) hosted by has started and ends Friday January 16th. For those of you not familiar with the WoWs here is a brief overview of the WoW.

The Battlestats Week of War is held for one week every month on the Zone
( To play you must sign up at then you
must join the RS Team. The RS club ID is 2054. When signing up you must use
a real E-mail address because each player gets a copy of the match report
E-Mailed to them. Once you signed up with Battlestats and joined the RS team
you are eligible to play in the WoWs. To play a WoW match you go onto the
Zone and into the game room for the appropriate game. You then look for a
game called wow or WoW or something with the acronym WoW in the game title
and join. You will need a password. The password is "wow". After the match
you and those you played against decide who is going to report the match. If
it is you, then head to and go the Game page and use the
match reporter there. Once a match is reported all players in the match will
receive an E-Mail giving the information on what was reported. More in depth
information for the Wows can be located at as well as

-1 RS Merit Point per match
- lvl1 promotions are given for active participants
- participation medals are awarded for first time players
- Unit Citations
- Other medals may also be awarded
- FUN playing the game

So sign up with and on the RS team (for those who have not done this already) and hop onto the Zone and play some JO matches, YOu know you want to

General Corran Horn Jr.


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