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Intrepid Battle Group NL 03.01.04

By GEN Garrik "Face" Loran
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, Mar 02, 2004
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Intrepid Battle Group Newsletter 03.01.04

-Mission Report/Awards-Promotions
-Open Commands


It has been a semi-productive month. IBG has grown to nearly 70 members. IBG CS has started the discussion about the possibility of adding a new squadron as well as a new wing to house it. More info on this will come later in the month. Until then, let\'s hope we continue to see a steady amount of pilots coming into the IBG. It does help to go out and recruit.


This mission was an interesting one. We had 33 out of 68 pilots report. 48% for those that don\'t like doing math. Definitely an improvement from the previous mission. Let\'s keep up the good work for this mission.

For IBG 4.03, Wildcard took first place, with Dagger coming in second. Stinger came into third place.
Captain Richo came in first place on this mission. That\'s three in a row if I\'m not mistaken. I award you, once again the Gold Wings for placing first. One more and you\'ll earn the Platinum Wings for being awarded the Gold Wings four times. Keep it up.
Commander Davidson with a score of 4,565 placed second on this mission. So I\'m happy to award you with another set of Silver Wings. Congratulations.
Lieutenant Dolaree with a score of 4,555. Very close to second. Shows how well XWA likes to make it a close race. Brigateen scored third on this mission. And I\'m happy to award you the Bronze Wings. Congrats Lieutenant and keep it up.


We got quite a few promotions, as well as awards. So we\'ll start with the promotions first. Then go onto the awards for this month.

Cadet Menion Darkwind has been promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant, by COL. Dev Azzameen. His reasoning being, \"He played 5MP matches, 2 SP and gots a bio :)\"
Congrats Lieutenant.

Lieutenant JG Raistlin Majere has been promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant, by LCM James \"Nightwolf\" Davidson.

Lieutenant JG Jagged Halcyon has been promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant, by LCM James \"Nightwolf\" Davidson

Second Lieutenant Patryck Owen has been promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant, by LCM James \"Nightwolf\" Davidson. His reasoning for the promotion is, \"For outstanding conduct, activity, and attitude, I have no hesitation in promoting you to the rank of First Lieutenant. Congratulations Patryck, you are an example to all the Wildcards.\"

Cadet Max Tallon has been promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant, by LCM James \"Nightwolf\" Davidson. The Commanders Reason being, \"For outsanding participation as a cadet, I hereby nominate Max Tallon for promotion to Second Lieutenant.\"

Lt.Colonel Dev Azzameen has been promoted to the rank of Colonel, by Rear Admiral Tyrell \"Spokes\" Borran. His reason for the promotion is, \"On the recommendation of COL Daryus Zalyn`Cya and LGN Garrick \'Face\' Loran for outstanding performance within the IBG, as well as your consistent service to the PBF, it is my pleasure to accept the recommendation of your Wing & Fleet COs in the IBG and promote you to full Colonel.\"

Cadet Edward De\'Galeon has been promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant, by LCM James \"Nightwolf\" Davidson. His reason being for the promotion, \"For outstanding activity and superb flying in the academy, distinguishing himself with the rank of Master Cadet with Honors, I hereby promote Cadet Edward De\'Galeon to the Rank of Second Lieutenant.\"

Captain Darkslime has been promoted to the rank of Major, by COL Daryus Zalyn`Cya. Promotion reason is, \"This promotion is being awarded by me based on the recommendation of Darkslimes CO, Lieutenant Commander Reabelation - \" Darkslime is being promoted for continued services in the line of duty, and for helping fight the on going battle of trying to make Nightwolf come back to life. he has flown most missions since he join, with the only missions being missed due to a lack of a working computer. He is a great pilot, and a great XO.\"

Cadet Ace Starlight has been promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant, by LCL Dev Azzameen. Lt.Col Azzameen\'s reason is, \"Cadet Starlight fullfilled all requirements needed and graduated with honors. I\'m hereby promoting Cadet Starligh to Second Lieutenant and place him in the 6th spot of Stinger squadron!\"

Alot of promotions. Now onto awards. Well, one award, for quite a few people. Lt.Brigateen Dolaree, Major Djapana Wor\'nod, Lt. Patryck Owen, and Lt.Cmdr James Davidson. For your great narratives and effort in writing them. The IBG CS agree that you all should be awarded the Mission Report Medal. Congratulations!


Chiin\'Tal XO is still open. I know Chris is looking for an XO. If you are interested, send your application to Chiin\'Tal CO.
Stinger XO is also open. If your interested in that position, email Stinger CO. Though he is probably looking for someone in the squadron first. Keep that in mind.


Well, another month has gone, as well as a mission. Next mission has been posted at So go download and fly. You have until March 31st 2004 @ 11:59:59PM Eastern Time. Good Luck, and Fly Fast and Shoot Straight.

Lieutenant General Garrik \"Face\" Loran ***
Wildcard 9
Gold 4


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