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Draco Squadron Site Update

By COL Brig Dolaree
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Basic Announcement, Mar 03, 2004
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Minor adjustment to Draco Squadron Web site.

Removed Deltan Saviri\'s biography.
Added bio for Brigateen Dolaree.

Looking for submissions from all Draco Squadron members of bios, artwork, homemade missions, poetry, fan fiction, musings. If it is Star Wars related, please send it to me so I can further upgrade the site.

My currently planned projects for posting on site:
1. Draco Squadrons Biography Writing Guide. Those who enjoy writing, any writing tips would be appreciated, as English was never my favorite subject back in the day when I was safe in the world of being in school, and not out in the real world slaving away trying to earn a living.
2. I found some old Draco Missions that I will be posting for download.

2LT Brigateen Dolaree
Draco IO / Draco 11


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