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Guardian Wing Newsletter 3-14-2004

By GEN Daryus Zalyn`Cya
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Wing NL, Mar 14, 2004
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Good Sunday morning Pilots,

I am sure that you are all having heart attacks due to the fact that a NL is actually coming out of the CS. But hopefuly we can get things back on track going forward. There is a lot of information in this one, so read up.

First things first. GEN Richard Gross has retired from the RgF and as a result, I have been assigned command of Guardian Wing. As most of you know, I have been in Guardian since I joined the RS, and am looking forward to renewing the tradition of domination of the other wings. But this requires active pilots, and an active CS. I recently announced that I was accepting applications for the position of XO and Dragon Squadron CO. I have had several apps sent to me, all of which had a history of command in the RS. The decision was a difficult one. But it boiled down to who of the applicants had been the most active in the lst 3-4 months. And that person ended up being COL Chris Horn. I am very familiar with Kicks, as I have served with him in the wing for a long time, as well as been under his command in the IBG. I know he has a dedication to Dragon Squadron as well as to the wing. So COL Horn, I am pleased to promote you to the positions of Dragon Squadron Commanding Officer, as well as to the position of Guardian Wing XO. I have also promoted the returning COL Zeke Freeman to the position of Second Officer. I believe that with Zeke\'s background in other fleets as a member of the CS will be instrumental in Guardians turn-around. Congratulations to both of you!

Upcoming Events for Guardian Wing and the RgF as a whole:

-ICTE takes place every Saturday at 4pm est on the #outerrim channel of the Undernet. Be sure to come over and do a little flying, and earn merit points while you are at it!
- RgF 3.06 is due on March 15, tomorrow.
- Zodiac 103 is not available yet.

New additions/Promotions/Medals:

- This will be updated in the next newsletter, after I review where the wing is at.

Competition results:

- RgF 3.06 :
There have been only 4 reports on this mission from the wing, all of them coming from Dragon Squadron. This is not acceptable. This mission is a breeze to do, if you are patient. I sincerely hope that everyone flies this mission in the next two days. After this mission is over, I will have the Squad CS begin the AWOL process. The key to our success is activity. The RgF does not require much for you to be active. Just fly one mission a month. That is significantly easier to do then what the requirements used to be. Fly, fly, fly!

- Zodiac 103 : Currently in testing.

In Closing:

- All of the webistes, including the Wing site need updating. There needs to be updated news on the Dragon site, and the CO report needs to be updated on Twilight. I give everyone a week to get things current.
-The CS is going to brainstorm and see if we can put some activities together to get people motivated again. Maybe revive the Dragon Novel, among other things.

- If you need assistance in loading a custom mission, go to The RgF TACOPS page.
- Activity : In order to remain a member of the RgF, you must perform 1 (one) ((More than 1 is recommended))of the following task: RgF 306, Zodiac 103(when released), or 3 online matches in an online competition for the RS.
- Expect an Expulsion/Probation list will be in next weeks NLs. Do the above requirements and your name will not appear in this list.
COL Daryus Zalyn\'Cya
Guardian Wing CO


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