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IBG NL, 3 April 2004

By RA Himm El-Syna
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, Apr 03, 2004
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Intrepid Battle Group E-mail
IBG NL, 3 April 2004



Here is the April edition of the IBG NL. What you will find is as

1. The IBG CO has retired
2. The IBG Command staff - status
3. IBG ITOD 404
4. IBG ITOD 405
5. Multiplayer stuff
6. Medals and awards
7. Conclusion

Let\'s get started.

1. The IBG CO has retired

As you all know, LGN Garrik \"Face\" Loran retired from the RS last week. By this he also stepped down as IBG CO, after having held that position since last summer. With his departure, an IBG legend has left. He was active in the RS for four and a half year, and to put it simple: He will be missed. For three years he was Wildcard CO, and during most of that time WC was a top squad in our fleet. Face put in a lot of work in making the IBG a good place to be, and left the fleet in good standings. We wish Face all the best out in the Real World, and hope to see him dropping by every now and then.

It\'s my pleasure to award LGN Garrik \"Face\" Loran the \"Honorary Member Award\". This rarely used and exclusive medal is \"awarded ... to any member that resigns their commission from the IBG, that has served their time with honor and above the call of duty\".

2. The IBG Command Staff - status

With Face\'s departure, I have taken over the leadership until a new CO is appointed. With me is COL Jon Anchorage as Acting XO. Also, COL Chris Horn \"Kicks\" is in the staff as our TO, and I will use our two Wing CO\'s as part of the staff, thereby including BGN Daryus Zalyn\'Cya into the fleet staff.

Don\'t expect any big changes from me during this short period. I\'ll leave any such actions to the next IBG CO. We\'ll focus on keeping the fleet running as normal, and hope that everyone will be patient while we wait for the RS FC to appoint a new CO.

3. IBG ITOD 404 finished

The fourth mission in our Tour of Duty is over. A total of 34 pilots reported, which is 50%. Not too bad, but it can be better. Anyway, thanks to those who flew and reported. There was hard fighting for the first place among the pilots, and I guess some pilots spent quite a few hours flying :) Congratulations to Richo for the victory. With this, Richo took home his fourth Gold Wing, and earned his Platinum Wing. Four GW\'s on four missions isn\'t bad...Also congratulations to Ace for his Silver Wing. You put up a good fight, and I hope we will see more of this in the next missions. The third place belongs to Han, who returned to IBG after a lenghty absence this month. Being the first winner of the Platinum Wing, he\'s something of a legend in here. Han has declared he won\'t send in screenshots, so that makes the Bronze Wings go to Spokes. He\'s earned them well, as he also was one of those
with several reports on this months mission. Congratulations!

In the fight between the squads, it looked as though this was Draco\'s mission, but once again we saw that the last hours can make a difference; Stinger managed to get in a few reports, the last one barely in time, and then they gave their CO Dev a nice wake-up surprise. Excellent work, Stingers! Also fun is the fact that 4 squads were fighting for the victory this time; there\'s less than 2000 points between #1 and #4.
And finally, Congratulations to Titan for beating Chiin\'Tal.

Here is the results:

Rank Pilot Kills Score Squadron Status
1. CPT Richo 34 5,500 Draco Squadron Completed
2. 2LT Ace Starlight 27 5,388 Stinger Squadron Completed
3. COL Han Suul 30 5,105 Draco Squadron Completed
4. RA Tyrell \"Spokes\" Borran 28 4,855 Dagger Squadron Completed
5. CMDR Kresa Rei\'de 15 4,222 Dagger Squadron Completed

Rank Squad Kills Score Reports
1. Stinger Squadron 117 18,404 6
2. Draco Squadron 80 18,109 6
3. Dagger Squadron 118 17,271 9
4. Wildcard Squadron 59 16,709 8
5. NightWolf Squadron 6 6,577 4
6. Phalcun Squadron 25 3,544 1

IBG ITOD 404 Special Version

As an experiment, this month we released an extra mission. It was a special edition of mission 404, and was made just for the fun of it. Very few pilots flew this mssions, but I think we\'ll try something like it again at least on one of the later missions of this tour. Those who flew will get their extra merit point. Anyway, if you want to see a few things in a mission that I gurantee you haven\'t seen before, then give the mission a try.

4. IBG ITOD 405

The next mission should be out soon. Even mission makers have a RL, and we\'re working hard to get the missions ready. You\'ll be told when it\'s up for download.

5. MP stuff

Due to some technical errors on the LIC pages, DL and SCL are on hold right now. Jon and Licah are working to get everything fixed, and we hope LIC is back up and running by mid-April. Until then, you can fly in the Inter-club Training night on Saturdays. Just go into #IBG, and someone there can tell you what to do. Or go directly to #Outerrim, and join the fun. You earn RS-wide merit points for participation.

The March XWA WOW is just over, and four pilots fought well for the RS; Raistlin Majere (8 matches), Jon Anchorage(3), Licah Fox(1) and Spokes(25). Good job!

6. Medals and awards

Cpt Richo, you\'re hereby awarded the IBG Gold Wing for winning ITOD mission 404. Impressive flying out there!

2Lt Ace Starlight, you\'re hereby awarded the IBG Silver Wing for finishing second on ITOD mission 404. Keep up the good work!

RA Tyrell \"Spokes\" Borran, you\'re hereby awarded the IBG Bronze Wing for finishing as the third best pilot with a screenshot on ITOD mission 404. You can pick up an extra locker aboard the Rebel Fist if you need it for your medals.

Cpt Richo, you\'re hereby awarded the IBG Platinum Wing for winning four Gold Wings. Were it with pride.

2Lt Ace Starlight, you\'re hereby awarded the IBG Mission Report Medal. While we had several narratives on the last mission, you were the only one to write a story this time. So this is your medal!

Cpt Red bandit, you\'re hereby awarded the RS Merit Commendation. You\'re almost alone in your squadron to fly the ITOD missions, and as it\'s been this way for a while, I want to applaud your brave effort.

Dagger squadron is hereby awarded the IBG Commander\'s Golden Chalice, for having the higest percentage of pilots reporting on mission 404. The medal will be awarded to those nine Daggers that reported.

Merit points have been added for all pilots who flew.

7. Conclusion

Well, having fought hard and brave out there, you now deserves a night off duty. Enjoy it while it lasts. You saw the fleet of imperials, and you know the hard reality: Sooner or later we\'ll have to fight them. So get some rest, spend some time in the simulator to hone your skills, and be prepard to fly on short notice.

That\'s all for now, you\'re dismissed.

BGN Himm El-Syna
Dagger 4

- - -

PS. Note to James and the WC\'s: You now have a ghost aboard the IA. DS.


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