Rebel Squadrons

R2F 8.05 Mission and Narrative

By COM Leonard Cable
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Wing NL, Apr 06, 2004
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Retribution Wing E-mail

Greetings, pilots, General Cable again. Well…I have to apologize for the
week long delay for the NL and the mission release. It seems some of my
teachers want to see me faint from exhaustion before the week’s end, so
I’m trying to work as fast as I can. Once again, with the help of my
ever ready XO, Colonel Argon, I was able to finish it for tonight and
have it ready to send to you, so I hope you enjoy.
R2F 8.04:

Twelve reports…that’s exactly 33% (or more like
but you get the idea) of the wing. I would really prefer that our
activity stay above 50%, but I’ll take what I’m given.

Colonel Dev Azzameen was the Top Gun for this mission with a grand
score of 77,475. His score, along with an awesome second place showing
by General Licah Fox, put Skull Squadron at the top, with Hydra in
second, Wraith in third, and Shadow in fourth place. Congratulations to
Skull on taking top squad!

Captain Tiar \"Skosh\" Garnin submitted the best narrative, so he has been awarded the Mission Report Medal. Congratulations!

Captain Tiar “Skosh” Garnin, please step forward. Your activity during
this tour has been noticed, and because of it, I am pleased to promote
you to the rank of Major. Congratulations, Major. Drinks are on you!

Cadet Charylie Skylighter, please step forward. Being a new cadet, I am
impressed that you are showing your activity so early. For flying R2F
8.04, I hereby award you with the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

If you would like to recommend someone for promotion, please send me an
email at

Now, on to the mission. R2F 8.05 is attached to this email, and it is
due four Sundays from today, which is May 2, 2004 at 11:59:59 PM EDT.
All mission reports and narrative should be sent to Now, enjoy the mission, and send in those
reports! I still want to see 50% this mission, so make me proud,
pilots! “:o)


R2F 8.05: Turning Tides

      “General Cable, you have an incoming message from Colonel Viper. Would
you like it transferred to your office?”

      “Yes, please, crewman. Lieutenant Driina, you have the bridge.”
Pushing off the handrails for support, the General unceremoniously
walked toward the entrance to his office. Two calloused digits pressed
against the activator switch, sliding the door open with a hiss. Upon
the door closing in the same way behind him, Cable made his way to the
chair positioned behind the officer’s desk. His form slid into the
smooth comfort of the chair as his fingers accessed the comm. panel,
bringing the face of his XO into full view.

      “Greetings, Colonel. Have you and the ambassador been transferred to
the ‘Chains of Justice’ as I requested?”

      “Yes, General Cable, the ambassador is sitting in a cell block. He
continues to say that he had no idea of the Warlord’s trap. He has been
fully cooperative and has even provided us with the coordinates of the
Abandon fleet.”

      “Hrm…I don’t like the sound of that. Do you think the ambassador is
leading us into another trap?”

      “It is a possibility, sir. Would you like to bring the ‘Chains of
Justice’ into the area to prevent any kind of reinforcements by
      “Very good idea, Colonel. Bring the ‘Vespia’ with you. If the Abandon
forces did betray us, the ‘Vespia’ will give us enough firepower to
prevent them from betraying us again. Otherwise, we may lose our only
ally out here. Transmit those coordinates, Colonel, and prepare for the
jump to hyperspace. Cable out.”

MGN Leonard Cable
-Retribution Wing CO
-Redemption Fleet SO


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