Rebel Squadrons

NL - 4-14-04

By GEN Daryus Zalyn`Cya
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Squadron NL, Apr 14, 2004
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Greetings Pilots,

Guardian Wing is currently in second place with 5 reports and 83,662 points. My score should be added soon, which will get us closer to Scorpion, who is the current dominant Wing in the fleet. Let\'s get those reports in, people. Below I have attached Dragon CO, David\'s, rundown of the mission. Read through it, then fly. At the end of this mission, the squad CS will be conducting an AWOL check, and those that have not flown for three consecutive missions will be removed from their perspective wings.

Squadron Homepages -

Dragon\'s page needs some updating, and I will probably take care of this as I am also the IO. I will update everything to show David as the new CO. David, send me something for the CO page, like your RS history, and how to contact you so I can update this page. Twilights looks current. I like the new (Sorta) graphic on the entrance page. Nice work.

XvT Week of War LXX - April 2004

The war starts at 2:00 PM, Fri April 16 and concludes at 2:00 PM, Fri April 23. For you new cadets, make sure you register with and joing RS (Club #2054) then register with MSN Zone, if you haven\'t already done so. All WoW matches are to be played on the Zone.

That\'s it for now, now get out there and fly!

Guardian Wing CO

As reported by David, Dragon CO -

Hey there pilots, this is your newly appointed CO dropping a reminder out to you guys. RgF 3.07 is out there and is an easy one to complete. 14000 is an easy score to get on easy, and only takes about 5-10 mins of your time. If everyone were to get a report in, we could shoot to the top once again hopefully. So far though, I only see two reports in, one being mine and one being CPT Corut\'s. So read my flythrough, and give a little effort to fly the mission. Just because we got the unit commendation award just a few months ago doesn\'t mean that we can stop being active.

You start off flying out from the platform. Keep flying in a straight line. In 5-10 seconds the first transport will appear, along with the first pirate attack ship in close pursuit. I used quads and took it out before it got any shots off. After this, the Strike Cruiser will come in out of hyperspace, launching fighters. Clear out these fighters (they\'ll be 3 R-49\'s going after the now present convoy and 3 T-wings going after RgF 2). Once these are gone, send one torpedo after the pirate corvette. Soon there will be more fighters of both types, plus some Gunboats. Destroy the fighters until they are gone, and be careful of any coming after you. Just target the closest and turn until its dot is on the edge of your \"radar\" screen. Once they pass by you can fly after them, and they are eay to kill. Once all of the fighters are gone, send two torps at the bottom nose gun to create a blind spot, and then destroy the STRCK from below.

Happy hunting!


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