Rebel Squadrons

STC Newsletter for 18 Apr 2004

By FA Joshua Hawkins
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Wing NL, Apr 18, 2004
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Morning Everyone! Welcome to the state of the STC address. This message has been brought to you by your command staff, and in no way were any creatures hurt during the making of this newsletter. However our resident Dark Trooper ARP-7 is getting a workout being a bartender over here. He should get a medal.

Now, for some of the more official notes of the month.

Current plans:
                        The Galactic Battlegrounds groups are hard at work creating missions for a later ITOD. Rumors abound as to exactly what was being planned, but currently nothing solid is coming out of the engineers. No one could be reached for comment. Soon as we get some info, we\'ll pass it along.
                        Neutron and Lightning strike squads enjoyed a great twist on an old game. Using a Scenario style of play. Max Cal was the brains behind that, where he has created a partial story, presets the game in a situation, and gives you an idea of what needs to be done, as well as, finish the game per usual. It adds a great challange and brings new life to the game. This month of april we\'re back on the regular non-scenario path to give our writer a break. Current mission is due May 15th.
                        Bounty Hunters, our resident Monopoly squad, has met with some technical difficulties. It will however be moving forward soon. Current plans are a new website, and research into \"the zone\" for Multiplayer play. Research is also looking into a dedicated server. The dedicated server is what the holdup is however. The CO is planning this, which is why activity is low. ETA, or this server is unknown, but hopefully it won\'t take too long.

Other info:
                        Currently plans for STC medals are on hold. Only two were made so far, Neutron and Eclipse. I am currently awaiting word from on high as to whethewr or not I should continue to create medals or if I should start creating new ribbons. Production of medal designs will commense as soon as I get more information.

Medals :
                        Congratulations to Maj Max Cal for receiving the Combat Medal .

Promotions :
                        Congratulations to Max Cal on his promotion to Major
                        Congratulations to Nixximus.on his promotion to 1LT
                        Congratulations to Ode Tawi on his promotion to CPT
                        Congratulations to David \"Tenacious \'D\'\" on his promotion to LCL

As always, please remember to stay safe, fly straight, and always keep your helmet on. Next month\'s newsletter might have stories from Long Hawk Lounge, and the crazy antics of ARP-7, then again... maybe not.

Nothing Further to report
<-End of Line->

CMDR Joshua Hawkins
\"Shadow Smuggler\"


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