Rebel Squadrons

IBG NL, June 2004

By RA Himm El-Syna
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, Jun 02, 2004
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IBG NL, June 2004

\":) Pilots,

Here is the June edition of the IBG NL. What you\'ll find is this:

1. Staff news
2. ITOD 406
3. ITOD 407
4. MP activities
5. Medals and awards
6. Conclusion

Let\'s get to it.

1. Staff news

After having set some things in motion earlier this spring, the Command Staff are now following up on different issues. Our web pages needs to be updated, and this is underway. The IBG medals will be looked over and if needed changed/revised. Our new MP squad are still fresh, and will be followed closely. The revival of Phalcun seems to have been a success, but special focus will still be placed on this squadron.

Upon the request of Chiin\'Tal CO MAJ Djapana Wor\'nod, a change in this wing\'s staff will take place. CMDR Ton Matty will move up to CO, and Djapana will then be placed as XO. I regard this as internal \"adjustments\" in the Chiin\'Tal staff, and I will not open up for a new round of applications at this point.

2. ITOD 406

The second season in our fourth Tour is over. Mission 406 had more reports than what we saw last month, and we ended just under 50% participation. So there\'s still something to work on here. The winner once again is CPT Richo. 2LT Kyle Dineer gave him a tough fight, though, and it was very fun to follow these two in the run for the top. Spokes did a solid job as always, and took home the third place. Nice to see a cadet in the top 5; CDT Anton Nels was close to getting a medal in his first mission, and this promises good for the future.

Chiin\'Tal completely squished Titan this time, with Dagger, Phalcun and Draco taking the three first places. Dagger seem to be invincible, but Phalcun came close this time. It was very fun to see the spirit among the Phalcuns, and I hope they\'ll keep it up! 3 Phalcuns among the 6 first pilots - when did we last see that?

You can see the full results on the score board, but here is the Top 5:

1. CPT Richo 28 24,070 Draco
2. 2LT Kyle Dineer 13 21,152 Phalcun
3. RA Tyrell \"Spokes\" Borran 14 19,251 Dagger
4. Cadet Anton Nels 10 17,846 Phalcun
5. BGN Himm El-Syna 28 16,584 Dagger

As I said, this was the last mission of the season. Dagger took home the medals this time, both the Elite Squadron medal and the Killboard Cup. This is how it ended:

Rank Squad Kills Score Reports
1. Dagger Squadron 376 152,921 23
2. Draco Squadron 251 86,806 16
3. Phalcun Squadron 116 83,220 10
4. Wildcard Squadron 212 66,077 18
5. Stinger Squadron 247 57,580 14
6. NightWolf Squadron 37 25,990 10

Dagger also won the Commander\'s Golden Chalice for mission 406. They had a reporting percentage of 72%, followed by Wildcard and Draco with 62%. Remember that all reports count toward this medals, so even if you can\'t fly, report in a 0 for your squadron.

More fun: We had 7 narratives this time! Go read them if you haven\'t. You simply can\'t afford to miss them. Thanks to those pilots that took time to give the rest of us this fun. I\'m amazed by the different styles we see; from the fighter ace stories to the noobie\'s report to the grounded squad CO. This gives a lot of color to the mission and the fleet life in general. The Mission Report Medal this month goes to Richo, Morrigan, Kresa, Kyle, and Brigateen. Zilch and Djapana get their narrative merit point, but their stories aren\'t quite up to the niveau of the others this time.

Finally, a note on the ITOD storyline. As you saw in the debrief text, and for that part in the mission itself, at least on the first runs you did, we lost Phalcun\'s home ship Resurrection. I know some pilots managed to save her after having flown the mission a few times, so the question was what to do: let her live or let her die? After having consulted the extended staff, my decision is that we lost the Resurrection. It\'s sad to loose a ship that has served the IBG for so long, and we mourn the loss with our fellow pilots in Phalcun. A memorial service will take place soon.

Well, with that mission 406 is history. Thanks to all who flew!

3. ITOD 407

In mission 406 we found imperials in several sectors close to our base. With most of our fleet away in the mining region, our base is left with minimal protection. Of course, the Rebel Fist is there, as is Blood Fang, but with Resurrection gone, and most of Phalcun knocked out, CMDR Reabel and his Nightwolves will be pretty much on their own should anything happen too soon. The IBG CO has ordered the task force to return home immediately, and the question is now: Who will arrive first, the task force or the imperials?

As mentioned in the recent news flash, our mission makers all have trouble doing much due to RL issues. The mission is in the making, but we\'ll need a few more days.

4. MP activities

As you know by now, Domination League (DL) is up and running again. Round 21 is alive, and this far one match is reported in. DL is excellent training, and you can have a lot og fun here. A lot of different ships are available, so you don\'t need to fly a T/I all the time. Try a Missile Boat match, with the only rule being that you\'re not allowed to use the ion gun, for instance - this will produce some nice fireworks and a lot of spinning around...There\'s medals and merit points to be won here, so get out there and toast a friend.

There is an XWA WOW going on for a couple of days more; it ends the 4th. And don\'t forget the interclub battle on Saturdays, the Celestial Fury. It\'s a bit fun that they\'ve named the competition after the home ship of our own Requiem Squadron.

The Starfighter Circuit League is still down, as announced earlier. Don\'t let this stop you from trying the race mode of XWA. Some find it a bit confusing at first, but it\'s much fun involved when you get the grip on it. The fastest run recorded is still Licah\'s from 15 June last year; flying the T/D he managed to finish the track \"Ringer 1\" on 2:06. Try beat that one!

5. Medals and awards

Being at the end of a season, the awards list is quite long this time.

For ITOD 406:

CPT Richo, for placing first on ITOD 406, you\'re hereby awarded the IBG Gold Wings. You want us to believe you\'re invincible, right? Excellent, Richo, excellent!

2LT Kyle Dineer, for placing second on ITOD 406, you\'re hereby awarded the IBG Silver Wings. Superb flying out there, Kyle!

RA Tyrell \"Spokes\" Borran, for placing third on ITOD 406, you\'re hereby awarded the IBG Bronze Wings. It comes with a free bottle of polish for your collection.

Pilots of Dagger squadron, you\'re hereby awarded the Commander\'s Golden Chalice for being the squadron with the highest percentage of participation on ITOD 406. Congratulations! The medal is awarded to those Daggers that reported on the mission.

The Mission Report Medal is hereby awarded to the following pilots: CMDR Kresa Rei\'de, CPT Richo, 1LT Brigateen Dolaree, 2LT Kyle Dineer, and 2LT Morrigan Der Krieger.

For the second Season of Tour 4:

Dagger squadron is hereby awarded the Elite Squadron of the Season Medal, for being the squadron with the highest score on missions 404-406. The medal is awarded to those Daggers that reported on one or more of the three missions.

Dagger squadron is hereby awarded the Killboard Cup, for being the squaron with the most kills on missions 404-406. The medal is awarded to those Daggers that reported on one or more of the three missions.

Other medals:

For excelling at Phalcun CO as well as maintaing Wildcard CO, along with the other responsibilities he has, CMDR James \"Nightwolf\" Davidson is hereby awarded the IBG Conduct Medal.

For excelling in his position as IBG SO, COL Chris Horn \"Kicks\" is hereby awarded the IBG Conduct Medal. You make the life of your CO easier by you efforts.

For his good work as ACO in Draco while the CO and XO both are on leave, 1LT Brigateen Dolaree is hereby awarded the RS Merit Commendation.

For his activity to help his squadron, 2LT Kyle Dineer is hereby awarded the RS Merit Commendation.

A few pilots are nominated for MP activity. Rest assured that they will get their awards, but some questions in relation to the MP activity need to be decided upon first.

Merit points are updated. The \"how to earn merit points\" page are still awaiting an update, but I\'ve posted the list on the message board. There you can see what you get points for.

6. Conclusion

I was talking to Daryus the other night, and we both agreed the we were proud and happy to see the level of activity in our fleet. Life in an Internet based club like ours has it\'s ups and downs, and it\'s very fun to see that right now we\'re having an \"up\" :) It\'s nice to see that many pilots, more or less frequently, visits our IRC channel, a good number of pilots are active in their squads when working on a mission, and many of you are eager to help make this whole thing being fun. \"Participation\" and \"fun\" are closely connected, so if you think you\'re missing out on something here, then get online, start writing mails to your squadmates, get a story going in your squad - there\'s always a CO you can make fun of - and most of all: be yourself and be proud of what you can bring into the fellowship.

That\'s all for now, pilots. Happy flying to you all!

BGN Himm El-Syna
Dagger 4


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